Love Letters from Ana: To That Kind of Guy


It was 2 p.m. on a rainy Thursday. Recovering from a bout of strep, I was long overdue to do laundry. I picked up the overflowing items of clothing from the floor, packed my detergent and walked down a weary five flights of stairs to the laundry room with a backpack complete with homework to do in the lounge. The dryer ring sounded, I packed my clothes and my homework up and began making the trek upstairs, stopping at each landing the catch my breath. With pounds of clean clothes and my ancient Mac Book Pro evening out my weight I was being anchored to the ground.

On my way up, several young gentlemen passed me and continued on their merry way. And before you say anything, there’s no chance in hell they didn’t notice me. I was red in the face, sweating, recovering from sickness (maybe I didn’t look cute enough), being weighed down by large loads, and panting like a Saint Bernard on a summer day. Not one guy asked if I needed help. On my last flight of stairs, I ran into a small floor-mate of mine who offered to help. She was the only one who was conscientious enough to see I needed assistance.

Okay, so yes, my fault for letting my laundry go this long, but what happened to some consideration? Okay, maybe you don’t want to help, but at least ask if I am okay. It was surprising to me that out of four guys, not one offered to help, but the one girl I ran into did. Are these four guys an adequate pool for the general male population at Lafayette? No, but a small reflection on the demise of chivalry.

So, this week’s column is dedicated to that kind of guy – the one who would who would stop and ask a girl who was physically struggling if she needed assistance because I know their out there. You guys are really, really awesome.

I understand that from some male perspective, asking a girl if she needs help with heavy lifting may seem insulting to her capabilities and physical strength, but let’s take the gender issue out of this. It’s just common courtesy to help someone out. As far as the gender issue is concerned however, I don’t know one woman or even deviant hybrid feminist who would be insulted if a man asked her if she needed help. In fact, this mere act of kindness would probably make her day better. I mean, the fact that no one offered to help me, made me irritated enough to write a column on it.

Because I know that these gentlemen are out there who hold strong to the values of courtesy and chivalry, I want to thank you on behalf of the general female population. It can be so much easier to just look out for yourself, especially as a busy college student. But the fact that you take the extra care, means a whole lot. This column is a small token of my gratitude, young knights.