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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Laf-Lehigh secondary ticket sales hit high prices

By Dominique Marcial ‘17 & Ryan Zhang ‘18

Collaborative Writers

Tickets for the 150th Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry football game are becoming harder to find, but secondary tickets sales are going for many times their original price.

Customers, including alumni who were unable to purchase tickets during normal sales, are turning to websites like StubHub, where ticket prices range from $87 to $2,930 for bleacher seats and up to $21,000 for a luxury suite.

The historic game in the school’s rivalry will be held at Yankee stadium, where tickets cannot be sold within 1,500 feet of the stadium. Fans who want tickets must then seek out other methods to acquire tickets, where prices may be higher than expected.

Professor of economics Jonathan Lafky finds that the prices are high because they are so valuable to fans who wish to see this moment in the Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry’s history.

“The sale of these higher priced tickets will entirely depend upon the value an individual puts upon the ticket and the experience it entails,” Lafky said. “[The purchase of these tickets reflects] each individual’s intrinsic willingness to pay based upon his [or] her value of attending the game.”

Tickets also may not sell for the value stated on the website.

Several students who no longer need the ticket they bought are looking to sell them.

“Before this semester, the choir was unaware that we wouldn’t need tickets for the game. I bought a ticket last semester, and I am now looking to sell it,” Victoria Decker ‘17, a choir member, said.

For alumni like Larry Berglund ‘73, who estimated that he attended 45 or 46 of the Lafayette Lehigh Football games since the 100th rivalry, the value of the game is not in terms of money.

“At the end of the day, it is not about the football game,” Berglund said. “It’s about being part of the school and celebrating the most played rivalry football game among colleges. It is not only about alumni gathering at New York City at Yankee Stadium, it is about students and alumni who did not graduate in the ’80s and ’90s, but are actually in their ’80s and ’90s forming a bond.”

The majority of these secondary ticket sales range around $300-$400. Lafayette students still have the option to buy tickets for $45.

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