Five Valentines money can’t buy


Amy Lau

Luis Aviles ‘17 tries to get a girl’s attention by playing the guitar outside her room.

Photo by Hana Ishihara ‘17


In case you were in a coma, tomorrow is V-Day. While flashy jewelry, elaborate bouquets and boxes of specialty chocolates are all great Valentine’s Day gifts, they aren’t unique, nor do they accommodate the college-student budget. If you want your gift to be remembered years down the line, create a special experience for your special someone.

For starters, an original poem—beyond the “roses are red, violets are blue” ones—is a great way to say the words you may be hesitant to say in person. You can write about memorable times you have had together, when you first met or even do a written portrait of your Valentine.

If you’re seeking something nostalgic, try a photo album. On each page of the album, put a photo of the two of you and write something to let your Valentine know how unique your relationship is, or even a funny inside joke.

If words are not your forte, you can create a collage with things that symbolize your relationship or the things that he or she loves most dear.

If you are musical, precede your date with a performance of your Valentine’s favorite love song, even if you’re just doing Chinese takeout in a dorm room. To create an even more memorable experience, write a special piece for your Valentine. You can even do something as simple as putting together a playlist of songs that the both of you cannot resist singing along to as you hang out together that evening.

Most impressively, you can pull a John Cusack and stand outside his or her dorm room with your iHome playing “In Your Eyes.”

Yehou Gnopo ‘15 and Jolly Shi ‘16 met during RA training nearly a year and a half ago. [Photo by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15]
Yehou Gnopo ‘15 and Jolly Shi ‘16 met during RA training nearly a year and a half ago. [Photo by Elizabeth Lucy ‘15]