Down to the wire


Photo by Hana Isihara ‘17

Career Services gives their advice on how to land that last minute summer job

Finding a summer opportunity can be difficult even if the search begins early. It is even more difficult when there are only two more weeks of the semester left and summer is just right around the corner. The Lafayette asked career services for advice on how to make a last minute search easier.

The Associate Director of Special Programs in Career Services Maureen Walz recommends that students refine their cover letters and resumes, as well as brush up on their interviewing skills before applying for an internship. There are a of resources dedicated to helping students improve their materials and interviewing skills in the Market Yourself section of the Career Services website and in the handout display in Hogg Hall. She also urges applicants to contact and follow-up on the status of their potential internships if they still have not heard back from the companies that they have applied.

In addition to refining cover letters, resumes, interviewing skills and calling the company to check on the application status, Walz also recommends that students branch out and network because “people can’t offer assistance if they don’t know someone is looking,” Walz said.

Besides focusing on just a few companies to intern or work for, students should expand their horizons. Walz suggests that non-profits are ideal for gaining experience.

“Students can potentially gain valuable experience that might even be more substantive than a private sector opportunity because nonprofits often need to have an all-hands-on-deck frame of mind to complete projects,” she said.