Lafayette Fashion Society brings outfit inspiration and conversations about the industry to campus


The Lafayette Fashion Society offers a creative outlet for fashion-conscious students. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Fashion Society Instagram)

By Bia Brait Amorosino, Staff Writer

The Lafayette Fashion Society (LFS) aims to bring together students who have a passion for fashion as a form of art and self-expression.

The club began in the fall of 2019 under the direction of Sam Scott ’22.

“[Scott] formed the club because she never really saw something on Lafayette’s campus that pertained specifically to fashion, and thought that it could gather an interesting group of people,” explained Alexandra Borik ’23, the current president of LFS.

Gretchen Christophe ’22, editor-in-chief of the LFS blog, explained that LFS started out with a discussion-based format.

“It wasn’t really a career club or anything like that. It was more for people who enjoy fashion, media and pop culture,” Christophe said.

Now, LFS has expanded to tackle broad topics across the realm of fashion, including issues in the fashion industry at large and conversations surrounding student fashion on campus. The club also provides networking opportunities such as Q&As with alumni in the fashion industry and discussions about internship opportunities in the field.

When the campus first shut down due to COVID-19 in 2020, the club had to adapt. So, along with moving club meetings, panels, speakers and alumni Q&As online, the club started the Lafayette Fashion Society blog.

Christophe explained that the blog was first published as a way to engage members in a discussion format during the pandemic. The blog allows writers to talk about any and all aspects of fashion in the media, politics, or on campus.

The blog was a new creative outlet for the members of the club. Cristophe explained that LFS Creative Director Roxane Bolon ’23 used many different overlays, designs and doodles to showcase the “creative edge of LFS.”

LFS has recently added a full creative staff under Bolon, including writers for each section, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, event planners, models, stylists and social media officers.

“We have these separate teams of editorial and creative, but we want everybody to collaborate. That was my vision when bringing this idea to the founder of LFS,” Christophe said.

The blog published its first issue in December of 2020 and another in May with an upcoming issue set to be published on Nov. 14. Christophe’s goal is to publish one to three issues per semester. They also want to begin publishing a physical magazine for the blog.

The club also has two active Instagram pages. The first, @lafayettefashionsociety, posts stories publicizing its on-campus events and meetings as well as updates in the fashion world. On the club’s second page, @fitsoflafayette, photographers take posed pictures of outfits on campus to show what people are wearing.

“I really like that it’s a space on campus for different people of different majors and backgrounds in fashion styles to all come together,” Christophe said of the @fitsoflafayette Instagram page.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is also important to LFS. Last year, the club collaborated with the Office of Sustainability to host the first Lafayette Thrift Shop. The club also hosted an up-cycling event that taught students how to repurpose their own clothes, and the executive board hopes to host a similar event again sometime this year.

“I think we make a conscientious effort to say, ‘This is what’s trending, but go to the thrift shop as much as you can, shop smart and don’t over-consume,'” Borik explained.

Overall, the executive board of LFS wants the club to be an inclusive space for everyone.

“I want people to realize that you don’t only have to be identifying as a woman to enjoy fashion and talk about fashion. Anyone that has any identity or background should enjoy fashion and be able to talk about how it reflects today’s world,” Christophe said. “You don’t need to have a certain look or anything to be a part of this club and a part of the conversation.”

The club has several events planned for this semester, including a Q&A with Veronica Canto, who works for a modeling agency in New York City, a movie viewing of “House of Gucci” (2021) and a canvas tote bag painting event. Those interested in joining LFS or writing for their blog can email the executive board or reach out via Instagram.