Student Artist Spotlight: Jordan Leiber ’22 finds a beat—and a voice—through percussion


Jordan Leiber ’22 will be playing percussion in the pit orchestra for the upcoming Marquis Players production of ‘Legally Blonde.’ (Photo courtesy of Jordan Leiber ’22)

By Bia Brait Amorosino, Staff Writer

Jordan Leiber ’22 was first introduced to percussion after playing Rock Band on the Wii in fourth grade. He has since turned from an electronic drum set to playing percussion for Lafayette’s jazz ensemble, jazz combo and percussion ensemble.

For Leiber, playing the drums is a transformative experience. 

“Music has given me a voice that I don’t otherwise have,” Leiber said. “In normal life, I like to stay in the background and be quiet. Behind the drum set, I am able to be a more confident, in control person.”

As an electrical and computer engineering major, Leiber dedicates a lot of time to schoolwork. On top of that, he said that he currently spends an average of eight to 12 hours on music per week.

He has also been able to incorporate his major with his love of music.

“I’m fascinated by all kinds of technology. So any time I can get my hands on any kind of cool recording stuff or any technology [that has] to do with drums, I’m all into that,” Leiber said. 

His passion for percussion came to light during the pandemic. Leiber said that music was one of the only real constants in his life at this time.

“Knowing that I had a percussion rehearsal was the highlight of my week,” he said. 

During his remote classes, Leiber was able to record and edit pieces with the percussion ensemble. He was especially proud of one project that involved an edited compilation of students clapping that, together, created a performance. According to Leiber, this was the first time he got to make something that sounded professional. 

Outside of participating in different campus ensembles, Leiber is hoping to put on a pop-up concert on the quad when the weather gets warmer. He will also be playing percussion in the pit orchestra for Marquis Players’ upcoming musical, ‘Legally Blonde.’

After his graduation, Leiber is looking into a future that includes music. While he has an engineering job lined up in Philadelphia, he knows that music will not be going away any time soon.

“I’ll be in the Philly area, which has a really vibrant jazz scene,” he said. “So I would love to stay involved in the community and keep playing as much as I can.”

“I think it will always be a hobby,” Leiber said. “I don’t plan on touring the world with it or anything, but it is something I would like to continue doing forever.”