The food courts are a-changing: Lower Farinon brings in new dining options

Upon leaving the comfort of home cooked meals each summer, students wait to find out what changes Lafayette College Dining Services has in store for us each fall. This year, many of those surprises came from changes at Lower Farinon.

The ordering screens offer some new meal options, including new salads and plenty of hot sandwiches and burgers.

Within these new additions, Lower has also tried to add in some cultural cuisine this semester with its Hard Wok, Ciao Ciao, and Global Departures options. Hard Wok offers students noodle bowls and Asian inspired dishes. Ciao Ciao has classic Italian Cuisine. Global Departures have global options that change depending on the day. In years past, the food was primarily American cuisine.

While these new additions may have made quite the impact, Lower has maintained some of its classics from last semester. The sushi and salad bars, along with the grab and go-style refrigerated section are still popular options for students in a rush. The meal exchange options have also remained consistent, along with the sides and drinks that are offered with each.

Last semester, Lower did not offer many healthy and vegetarian dining options. These new meals offer more variety in terms of nutrition level and international foods. For students who have extra time to wait during busy meal hours, these Lower updates will allow them to explore options beyond what they may find in other locations.