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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Pool of thought; Students react to the new Weinstein Natatorium

The new Weinstein Natatorium. (Courtesy of Jess Furtado ’19)

“It really opened up the pool a lot more because the new tiles obviously bring everything to life, but really it was the windows. Before this it was very dungeon-y in this pool. There was no natural light, and when the chlorine would start getting strong and thick you could feel it in the air, but now with the new ventilation system all up around and the windows it doesn’t feel like a dungeon or a cement block. It was just kind of relieving honestly when we walked in because everything has been broken in and open for us.”

– Issaiah Coldren ‘17


“It looks really white. During the day it’s overwhelming.”

– James Grieb ‘19


“It gets a lot of us more excited about swimming and it gets the school a bit more excited about the team because we don’t get a ton of recognition, so I just think getting a new pool and getting a lot of press brings a lot more people down for things like the Laf-Lehigh meet.”

– Noah Decker ‘19


“I really like that we have natural light now instead of swimming in a cave. It definitely is more motivating to come to practice.”

– Samantha Arnold ‘18


“The new pool is very open; the addition of the windows changes the entire atmosphere on deck and in the pool. The white walls and pool deck brighten up the space so it’s not a dungeon anymore. It has made the practices more enjoyable.”

– Caroline McCauley ‘17


“I think that the pool is a really great addition to Lafayette and the Easton community. As a swimmer, having windows was a great addition, it really opens up the space. I think so far it’s been doing a lot to help us train harder since we’re in a nicer facility. It makes us want to swim hard and do well in order to show Mr. Weinstein that his gift was greatly appreciated and we hope we can do his new pool justice. It’s also helping with the recruiting process in that all of the prospective swimmers are really excited about where the program is headed, and a lot of that is thanks to the new pool.”

– Julia Hall ‘19

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