PEN DESIGN On the Spot: What is one club that you think deserves more attention?

“Club Lacrosse 100 percent. You know, the kids bring a lot of energy. We don’t get a big crowd. We don’t really have home games because the school, they don’t really like us, but … it’s just a great bunch of guys [that] deserve more support.” – Chris Devoy ’26

“Probably the Bird Club. I think they’re pretty cool … they do bird walks. And I think that’s kind of interesting. And I feel like … it would be nice for people to connect to nature more and be outside.” – Gabby DeAdder ’26

“Landis, absolutely, because they have so many volunteering opportunities that give you the chance to get connected with the local community. And it’s just an awesome experience. I think everybody should volunteer at least once with Landis.” – Michael Antonacci ’24

“I like riding my bike!” –  Xavier Nicodemus

Madeline Marriott ’24 contributed reporting.