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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Editors on their favorite articles of 2022-2023

The Lafayette Editorial Board is proud to celebrate a fantastic year of journalism. (Photo by Judy Peet for The Lafayette)

Nathan Kornfeind ’23, Editor-in-Chief: ‘Hot dog tour of Easton, home of the ‘everything’ hot dog’ by Ben Dupont ‘23

Solid reporting. Some local history. A lot of humor. This article had it all – even Lehigh Valley Live picked it up. 

Shirley Liu ’23, Managing Editor: ‘Autumn in Easton: The ultimate guide to fall in love with fall’ by Bernadette Russo ‘24

The most Culture article to ever Culture. This article will make you feel like you’re holding a warm, yummy drink on a fall day.

Trebor Maitin ’24, Managing Editor: ‘Remy Oktay ‘24 sets world record flying electric airplane’ by Jenny Davis ‘26

This article is the pinnacle of what makes our newsroom great. Jenny had over thirty interviews and traveled four states for an article that read like the adventure that it was.

Ben Dupont ’23, Business Manager: ‘After nail-biting win against American, men’s basketball falls to No. 1 seed Colgate in League Championship’ by Eric Ponieman ’25 and Charlie Berman ’24

This article was the sports section at its best, and what an awesome opportunity for it to cover two incredibly exciting games, including a huge Lafayette win. It’s not every day (or every year) that our big sports teams make big runs like this one, so this moment and article felt so special. Charlie and Eric were able to get some dope quotes from the players, and the piece feels like a celebration even if it covers a loss.

Jen Parsons ’26, Design Director: ‘Chocolate chip cookie crawl: A quest for the best in Easton’ by Elisabeth Seidel ‘26 and Trebor Maitin ‘24

As a passionate chocolate chip cookie enthusiast, I was excited to finally see a spotlight put on this wonderful sweet treat.

Emma Sylvester ’25, Photo Editor: ‘Seven campus dogs to brighten your ruff day’ by Shirley Liu ‘23

I loved reading about the dogs on campus that I wasn’t aware of prior to this article, and going around to photograph them was a delight. Their charming personalities shine through in each picture, and they’re just too cute! They bring so much joy to the campus, and this is especially evident through Shirley’s interviews. All around a wholesome and lighthearted read. 

Emma Chen ’24, News Editor: ‘‘We could use some more support’: Diversity educators air concerns about lack of trainings’ by Jenny Davis ‘26 and Trebor Maitin ‘24

This was a long work in progress for both writers, and it came together super well. A topic that seems really important to the campus conversation that definitely needs more attention. Plus I’m quoted:)

Madeline Marriott ’24, Culture Editor: ‘Op-Ed: Why I’m dropping Student Government’ by Emma Chen ‘24

I think this was such a brave and thoughtful submission by Emma. Often, it feels like there is so much left unsaid in these organizations, and I admire Emma’s willingness to bite the bullet. Active engagement is so critical to our success as a newspaper.

Bernadette Russo ’24, Culture Editor: ‘Who is Bill Hurd?: First Gentleman goes on the record’ by Trebor Maitin ‘24

I had a smile on my face the entire time reading this article. It is so incredibly well written and taught me so much about such a prominent member of the Lafayette community. I could tell Trebor had a great time writing this, and it definitely paid off! 

Caroline McParland ’23, Sports Editor: ‘Unmasking the Leopard’ by McKenna Graf ‘26

I love a good “SpArts” (Sports-Arts) story!! Great photo, great quotes, very interesting. Wonderful job!! 

Charlie Berman ’24, Sports Editor: ‘Ski and board heading to nationals after sweeping the slopes at regionals’ by Caroline McParland ‘23

This article is really awesome and it is a showcase of how strong our club sports programs truly are. Kind of the perfect magnum opus for Caroline who prides herself most on her club sports prowess.

Elisabeth Seidel ’26, Assistant Design Director: ‘What’s in a name?: The evolution of arts coverage in The Lafayette’ by Madeline Marriott ‘24 and Trebor Maitin ‘24 

Trebor and Maddie expertly synthesized decades of newspaper history with a skillful analysis of our ever-evolving attitude toward the arts. Combining my love for the paper and my love for archival work, this article checked all my boxes and was a joy to read.

Natalia Ferruggia ’26, Assistant Culture Editor: A cat cafe consignment shop? You’ve got to be kitten me!’ by Shirley Liu ‘23

This article just encompasses and embodies everything that makes Culture an amazing section. Adorable puns, highlighting pieces of local culture, and writing that just makes you feel happy when you read it. Also, the title is truly just the greatest collection of alliteration and puns I’ve ever seen! 

Kristen Vincent ’26, Assistant Culture Editor: Hot dog tour of Easton, home of the ‘everything’ hot dog’ by Ben Dupont ‘23

This article not only makes me insanely hungry for hot dogs, but it’s incredibly entertaining, especially for a foodie like me! I grew up eating a variation of the signature hot dog featured at Jimmy’s Hot Dogs, so reading about a childhood favorite of mine made me happily nostalgic … and hungry.

Eric Ponieman ’25, Assistant Sports Editor: Fizz floods campus, defying regulations’ by Trebor Maitin ‘24, Madeline Marriott ‘24 and Emma Chen ‘24

This article was very informative. I had seen Fizz’s advertisements around campus and did not know what they were about. Thank you! 

Selma O’Malley ’26, incoming News Editor:You can’t spell ‘modular’ without ‘mold’‘ by Evan Fudala ‘23

The title alone makes me love this article, but it’s also a great exposé of real conditions on campus. Home sweet metal box!

Andreas Pelekis ’26, incoming Assistant News Editor:Fizz floods campus, defying regulations’ by Trebor Maitin ‘24, Madeline Marriott ‘24 and Emma Chen ‘24

This article was really interesting, especially reading this as Fizz definitely made a social impact on campus. Interview quotes were also really fascinating to read, and the article definitely fit the “headliner dramatic news” mood!

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