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Timeout with… Emily Moore ’19

Emily Moore 19 running in the Leopard Invitational. (Courtesy of Athletic Communications)
Emily Moore ’19 running in the Leopard Invitational. (Courtesy of Athletic Communications)

Meg Lillis: Emily, you had a great performance Saturday at the Leopard Invite, closing out your regular season on a high note by placing fourth out of 53 runners. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Emily Moore: My goals for the season are to place better at Patriots than I did last year and definitely to improve on my time at our course since we’re racing Patriots at home, so I want to do better than I did at the dual meet and at the Leopard Invite.

ML: What are the team’s goals for the rest of season?

EM: The team goals are to place better at Patriots than we did last year. Last year we came in ninth, so we definitely want to try to improve on that.

ML: How do you maintain focus over the duration of a race?

EM: It can get pretty hard sometimes, because the race is a 6K, so it’s kind of long. But I think I just focus on the people that are in front of me and trying to stay with them and just keeping my head in the race, because once you lose focus it’s kind of hard to get it back.

ML: What is your favorite workout style?

EM: I like the longer workouts, so I like more tempo runs or mile repeats or higher, because I’m more of a distance runner.

ML: How much do you actually run in a week?

EM: It ranges from week to week, but normally I’ll run somewhere around 40 to 50 miles a week.

ML: What is your preferred distance to race?

EM: My favorite to race is probably the 6k just because it is the cross-country race. For track I like the 3k, because it’s a little bit shorter. But I like cross-country better, because it’s more fun running through woods rather than running in circles.

ML: What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?

EM: The farthest run I’ve ever done was probably 13 miles.

ML: What’s your favorite thing you guys do as a team?

EM: Probably just all of the team bonding things we do, like last year we went to a corn maze, which was a lot of fun, and there’s always a few events we do every year like team bowling, which are a lot of fun because we get to get closer as a team.

ML: What’s the best part of being a Lafayette College runner?

EM: The teammates I have. I love everyone on the team and it’s really nice to have that close kind of family aspect of it. Also, I just love running and it’s nice to share that love of running with other people.

ML: How did you get into cross-country?

EM: I was a field hockey player in high school, so I never ran cross-country in high school, but I did run track, and I always wanted to try cross-country since it’s not just running in circles. So when I came to school here, I decided to try cross-country, as well as track.

ML: What’s the difference between out of season training and in-season training?

EM: Out of season training is less workouts and more just building a base for the mileage that you’re going to be running and then in season we have more workouts, so faster pace workouts as opposed to just long runs.

ML: Who is your favorite athlete?

EM: Adam Henrique.

ML: What are your hobbies besides running?

EM: I really like to bake and cook.

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