Top charts: The best movies of 2016

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After a year of avid theater-going, I’ve seen blockbusters and failures alike. Throughout the year, I’ve contributed my take on a number of films from the success of “The Jungle Book” to the disappointment of “Doctor Strange.” Here I summarize the best that the year had to offer — so you can avoid yet another wasted movie ticket.

  1. Deadpool” was one of the single biggest surprises of the year. Back in 2009, after the atrocious X-Men Origins Wolverine, a solo “Deadpool” movie seemed impossible. However Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller were able to present the single most faithful adaptation of a Comic Book character on screen. “Deadpool” is an outrageously entertaining and raunchy laugh fest that has insanely high re-watchability because of its fantastic characters, simple plot and, most of all, comedic relief.
  1. Arrival” is a beautiful masterpiece by Denis Villeneuve. The cinematography in this film is absolutely breathtaking. Villeneuve expertly captures the unknown of the first human contact with extraterrestrial life. The story is told in such a way that repeated viewings lead to the discovery of new information — almost creating a completely different movie. The stellar acting of both Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are the icing on the cake to a movie that is likely to come up when Oscar season begins.
  1. “The Nice Guys” takes the number three spot for my top movies of the year, although it was huge surprise when it was released back in May. Director Shane Black tells an incredibly engaging and enjoyable mystery that cannot be described any better than “cool.” Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play so well off each other. The comedy throughout the movie works very well. While it may not make you keel over laughing, it will not fail to leave you with a smile.
  1. “The Conjuring 2” delivered in every possible way as a sequel to the original “Conjuring.” James Wan once again brings his expert horror direction to the table showing off his incredible ability to create insane amounts of tension. “The Conjuring 2” is both epic in scale and terrifying at the same time, making it one of the scariest movies of the decade.
  1. “Sing Street” is a movie I will recommend to everyone, rightfully earning its place as my number one movie of the year. With the truly powerful, brotherly and the catchy and evolving music throughout, it is nothing short of a great movie. It will get you up and dancing and will lift your spirits. It is one of the best coming of age movies of all time and easily the best movie of 2016.