Paper Playlist: Dance Off


Shawn Hogan: My pick “Flight of the Flamingo” by Flamingosis starts out with an anticipatory drum beat and then releases into an irresistibly dancey groove that glides throughout the rest of the tune. Flamingosis is one of the most promising up and coming DJs. He weaves together funky, jazzy and often quirky samples to curate some of the smoothest booty-shaking music of our time. If you’re looking for something exciting, but not too abrasive, to ease you into a weekend, look no further.

Sadie: My pick of the week is Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” It’s a good choice if you need an escape to a lighter, funkier time. Big fan of playing it on a loop and pretending it’s 1977 and immersing myself in seventies disco hedonism until everything sounds like a synth. It was also featured on the American Hustle soundtrack, which is excellent.

Melissa: My pick this week is “We Are Golden” by MIKA. This was my freshman year anthem. I listened to it on repeat for three days straight while studying for a math final and, boy, was it a fun time. I don’t remember what grade I got, but I do remember jumping around and jamming to MIKA’s sweet, sweet falsetto. Enjoy.

Shawn’s Honorable Mention: “Joints & Jam” by The Black Eyed Peas. Let me let you in on a little known fact, The Black Eyed Peas existed before Fergie. Joints & Jam is from the era of chill, keyboard heavy, shockingly PG rap of the early ’90s complete with sultry lady vocals on the hook that may or may not sound exactly like that song from Grease. Get into this album. You might be disoriented, but you won’t be disappointed.

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Every week, Sadie Lebow ’17 and Melissa Last ’17 will create a theme for the newspaper’s song playlist and choose members of Lafayette to add their favorite songs and write about their choice. They were joined this week by Shawn Hogan ’17.