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Movie Review: “Call Me By Your Name”
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Oscar-nominated for best picture is a small independent film called “Call Me By Your Name” based on the novel by André Aciman. Starring Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer and Michael Stuhlbarg, the film was directed by Luca Guadagnino.

The movie follows Elio (Chalamet), a teenage boy who spends his summer with his parents in their 7th-century villa in Lombardy, Italy. His father (Stuhlbarg), an archeology professor, invites Oliver, a doctoral student (Hammer) to intern for him. Elio and Oliver gradually grow closer and form a heartfelt relationship.

The production work on “Call Me By Your Name” is magnificent. The film is set in Northern Italy with characteristics of the region that burst throughout. Plants mix with the vibrant blues and greens of the water, which mixes beautifully with the bright pearl of the buildings. The use of nature as a setting adds to the feeling of life that is constant throughout the film. The warm and inviting aesthetics draws you into the movie.

The best part of “Call Me By Your Name” is the actors. Hammer, who plays Oliver, shows to be witty, yet soft. Hammer is never afraid to push with his character, going that extra distance and leaving the audience wondering how to feel about him. This subtlety makes audience’s connection with the character even stronger once he meets Chalamet, who plays Elio.

Stuhlbarg’s portrayal as Elio’s father is my favorite in the film. His interactions with Elio are natural and realistic, which allows the viewer to believe their relationship. This connection is then used to incredible lengths in a scene that had me in tears near the end of the film.

At the center of it all is Chalamet’s performance as Elio. Chalamet takes your breath away with the raw emotion and realism he brings to the character. Without his talent, the film would fall apart.

“Call Me By Your Name” is a slow and subtle story. However, it is not a story of forbidden love. It’s a story of self discovery, self growth and acceptance. Throughout the film I kept thinking, “Are they going to get caught?” This expectation has been embedded in our brains as viewers through the countless action movies, thrillers and forbidden romances.

“Call Me By Your Name” is Elio’s story. It follows his discovery of self through experiencing with his sexuality and through his partnership with different people.

Easily one of the best films of the year, the movie scores an 18/20.

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