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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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LCAP-ing off a new era

“The funny thing about the Lafayette College Ambassador Program is that every student is an ambassador,” Senior Assistant Director of Admissions and creator of the Lafayette College Ambassador Program (LCAP) Carrie Alexander said.

LCAP consists of five different categories of ambassadors: tour guides, senior interviewers, day hosts, social media experts, and office workers. One year ago, there were simply tour guides and senior interviewers.

Alexander’s goal for the program is, “To unite.; to better integrate my admissions staff with the program.”

“My expectations have been a lot more clear,” ambassador Blair Gallante ‘15 said of the creation of LCAP. “It’s been more organized, so it’s been easier for me to do my job.”

In the past, there was not a real application process for the program.

“I wanted there to be a program where anyone who was interested to be involved could apply to be involved, as opposed to this internal handpicking program,” Alexander said.

Within LCAP, not only do the individual student branches work together, but ambassadors also work closely with the admissions staff. If they need help with something, ambassadors know which staff member to ask.

“I wanted LCAP to reach a point where it was student run, and it functioned more like other clubs on campus.” Alexander said. “It never ended up feeling like an extracurricular. It felt more like a job.” Alexander began revamping the program to be more united, and having students work more with one another. “I wanted it to be a fun place to be. A social experience as well,” she said.

Ambassador Rob Lombino ‘14 exemplifies this particular goal.

He said, “I have become very close friends with the many wonderful people that are employed as tour guides including my roommate for the past two years.”

While Lombino met new friends through the program, Hannah Kowalski ‘14 strengthened friendships that she already had, “I found that if you have friends in the program, you become close with them,” she said.

“I have loved every second of my experience and I consider it to be the most invaluable organization I have joined at Lafayette,” Lombino said.

Though the program did not have the title of LCAP until last year when Alexander created it, Lombino has been an ambassador and tour guide since his freshman year. Lombino said, “I was also promoted to the new position of Tour Captain and aid the Admissions Team in distributing tours evenly among tour guides.”

Kowalski, who is also a Tour Captain said, “I was in charge of making sure everyone was on time with their tours.”

Gallante, who is a tour guide, spoke of her experience and said, “It’s always nice when you have those really great tours like if someone’s looking at Lafayette and deciding between Lafayette and another school and they choose Lafayette and you see them next semester at school.”

Alexander said, “LCAP—for me—is organization. It’s a message. I’m trying to send a message to the campus…this is what we are. This is who we are..”

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