Fall season finale: Student talents presented tonight

Carly Trachtman ‘16 practices for the dance company showcase

Carly Trachtman ‘16 practices for the dance company showcase

Photo by Yinon Xiong ‘16

Fifty-five dancers and singers will join together tonight to showcase their talent. In addition to the main event of the show, Lafayette Dance Company, the fall exposé highlights other talents including the Lafayette Dance Team and a capella singers.

The event is hosted by the Lafayette Dance Company. Students manage everything from scheduling events to choreographing dances, which, to choreographer Melissa Bucher ‘15, adds to the company’s diversity.

“It’s an enriching experience to work with such a diverse group of people that might not have much in common aside from the love of dance,” Bucher said.

The diversified background of the dancers allows for the representation of many dance styles in the showcase, including tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, Broadway, and modern.

A unique blend of dance is attributed to the fact that almost anyone can choreograph a routine in the company. This collaborative effort enables the dancers to become exposed to genres that may be completely new to them.

Bucher, who has been dancing for 15 years, has dedicated much of her time at Lafayette to the company.

“The way dancing allows you to express yourself without making a sound or speaking the words still baffles me,” Bucher said. “You can let out whatever you have been keeping bottled up, without anyone knowing you ever unscrewed the cap.”

In past years, the dance company has held a “So You Think You Can Dance Competition” for their Fall Showcase. However, the showcase will be structured differently this year, as the company has included other musical groups to perform alongside them. Group dance routines, singing performances, and three soloist dance routines by Jenna Gowell ‘16, Carly Trachtman ‘16, and Sarah Forsette ’15 are expected. After each performance, the judges will write down their feedback and scores to reveal a winner at the end of the show.

Many of Lafayette’s most devoted artists have been working for months to perfect the details for this opening showcase. They will prove their dedication tonight from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.