Pour it up, pour it up: Paying homage to Lehigh Valley’s 2nd annual Beer Week


Photo Courtesy of  cocktailsg.wordpress.com

This week, Lehigh Valley residents found themselves braving the icy weather with a week’s worth of activities especially brewed for the lovers of craft beer.

The second annual Lehigh Valley Beer Week runs from February 16 to February 23. Lehigh Valley Beer Week is a seven-day event, showcasing local craft beers, pubs, restaurants and breweries in the Lehigh Valley. Beer Week’s official website describes the event as “a week-long celebration of community, friends and beer.” The event runs throughout Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

Inspired by the Philly Beer Week, Fegley’s Brew Works general manager, Jesse Albertson, instituted the first Lehigh Valley Beer Week last year. After a resounding success in 2013, the tradition continued this year with 41 local venues and breweries participating in the event. This year’s events even required an extra day in order to include additional venues, events and breweries.

This week’s festivities included pub crawls, beer tours, rare beer release parties, meal pairings and beer tasting. Educational events included beer history and craft beer brewing tutorials. Those who typically don’t consider beer their poison of choice were welcome to try mimosas during breakfast and brunch and sample whiskey at night. Beer enthusiasts indulged in samples of more unique beers, some of which were kept in reserve for years.

Tomorrow, February 22 Easton’s Maxim’s 22 will feature a collection of 22 sour beers.

This Sunday, February 23 will feature the presentation of LVBW2, a wheat IPA beer brewed specially by Bethlehem brewer John Boncik for this occasion. The first tapping will be occasioned by a 16-ribbon cutting-ceremony. Boncik himself travelled to several venues throughout the week to discuss his brewing techniques with attendees.

The proceeds from “Pour it Forward,” Beer Week’s premiere charity event will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Easton.