Powell to the People: The Board of Lies


Photo Courtesy of mashable.com


Since 1985, upon seeing the science fiction classic Back To The Future, every boy and his grandmother has coveted Marty McFly’s signature hover board. They’ve all dreamt of the moment when scientists would be able to harness the technology to make this “Backies” fantasy possible. That time is now.

This past week a video hit the web showcasing the HUV-rboard. The name says it all. This wondrous piece of technology grants the user the ability of flight. Spearheaded by a group of MIT graduate students with masters in Physics, the board uses a combination of material science and magnetic technology to create this modern marvel. There’s an app that allows the board to follow coordinates on a GPS for seamless operating. HUVr even had Tony Hawk as one of the first people to test this baby out.

But it was all lies.

The HUVr team, also known as “The Crushers of Dreams,” crafted their clever advertisement video using a compilation of wires, camera cuts, and D-list celebrities (excluding Tony Hawk). They played on the emotions of young, impressionable college freshmen hoping to cruise through the streets of Easton sporting their black Aviators. They even had the audacity to force the good Doc Brown to help market their elaborate fabrication.

My biggest problem with this travesty is not the fact that they lied to the American people. It’s not that they got that poor college freshman’s hopes up. It’s not even because they tried to attack Tony Hawk’s reputation. It ‘s because they thought it was a stellar idea to have Terrell Owens featured in the ad.

Out of all the crappy wannabes they could’ve hired, they picked that crappy wannabe. Being a proud Philadelphian, I have a natural disdain for Terrell Owens. You thought Benedict Arnold was a traitor? Terrell Owens taught Benedict Arnold everything he knew. Not only does did he slander the Eagles, he repeatedly caused detrimental performances resulting in losses. After countless suspensions and deactivations for outlandish behavior, he signs with the team that all self-respecting Philadelphians hate–the Dallas Cowboys. On top of all this, he was the star of his own tacky reality show.

He’s a douche.