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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Be different, dammit! New dress code to crack down on conformity


By RJ ‘17 | BAMF

Photo by Alberta Hoffman ‘43


Look around campus on any given day and the quintessential Lafayette student struts proudly in uniforms of Vineyard Vines, Hunter Rain Boots, and Timberlands. However, such a lack of individuality promotes conformity within the community.

“When families come to campus for tours, it seems as if only one type of student is represented,” Admission’s Director Charles Camp said. Therefore, the administration has decided to ban certain clothing items and accessories from campus.

The following are no longer permitted outside the residence halls: Bean Boots, Longchamp bags, Sperrys, Timberlands, Philadelphia baseball caps, Vineyard Vines sweatshirts, Hunter Rain Boots, Sperrys, leggings, yoga pants, clothes with sorority letters, Nantucket Reds, and anything J.Crew.“It doesn’t really bother me,” Christina Ann ‘16 said. “Hunter rain boots make great shower shoes, so I’ll still get to wear them.”

Lafayette has long been regarded as a school lacking diversity. Recently, the college has implemented new initiatives to prove that this is not the case. The new regulations will create a dress code that will give every student their own image.

Essentially, students will be forced to continuously search for new ways to express themselves. Students will no longer be able to wake up in the morning and throw on the “uniform” that they are used to sporting each day. The hope is that leggings, Bean Boots, and a sweatshirt with Greek letters will be replaced with new trends created by Lafayette’s very own unique personalities.

While many have expressed contagious enthusiasm over this new idea, other students have their concerns.

“You literally just listed my entire wardrobe,” Ashley Blaire ‘15 said. “There’s actually not one thing I’ll be able to wear once this new rule comes into effect.”

The administration has decided to hold off on the changes until the fall semester, giving students a chance to recreate their wardrobes. By the time the students come back to campus in August, it will be undeniable that Lafayette is an individualistic institution with diverse and creative students.

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