Pest Control


Each week, columnist Cameron Powell will find the weirdest news he possibly can and give you his take on it. This is Powell to the People.

Who needs an exterminator when you’ve got fire? This is a question that a man in Orlando, Florida was asking himself before being escorted by firefighters out of his apartment this past week. His apartment was set ablaze after trying to burn and drive away a bug infestation.

The apartment was found in dreadful conditions; trash and beer cans littered the floor throughout his living quarters. However, there have been no confirmed reports that he was intoxicated at the time of his stupidity. If he was, in alcohol’s defense, I’m sure he’s done some stupid things while sober as well. He’s probably not the first person to take care of their bug problem with a lighter and can of AXE.

He has been hospitalized with a medical report stating that he is a danger to himself and to others. Luckily for him, no other apartments were damaged during his momentary lapse of brain activity.

It doesn’t seem so bad at first, just a bad judgment call, until you find out what he was trying to get rid of…viruses on his computer. Norton Security informed him that there were “bugs” in his computer, and he figured that they were probably the same ones doing the Dougie on his ceiling.

He took the term firewall a bit too seriously. The moral to this story is proper pest control. Next time something is bugging you, kill it with fire.