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Timeout with…. Kirsten Wilhelmsen ‘17


Photo by Katie Weeks ‘16

Kirsten Wilhelmsen with her pillow, which was a gift from her roommate. She brings it with her on road games.
Kirsten Wilhelmsen with her pillow, which was a gift from her roommate. She brings it with her on road games.

You were named Patriot League Rookie of the Week. Was it one of your goals entering this season?

I wasn’t really aware of it before the season. My roommate Amanda [Case] won it earlier in the year, so we talked about how cool it would be if we both won one.


You were the team MVP in both lacrosse and soccer your senior year in high school. What made you want to keep playing lacrosse in college?

I looked at schools for both soccer and lacrosse. When I came here I knew I fit into the lacrosse community as well as the school. I just fit right in with the girls and the coaches.


How do the skills you have from playing soccer translate over into playing lacrosse? Which sport do you find scoring goals in more rewarding?

Mostly the competitive aspect of them. They are very different sports but I’ve played in tough games for both. I haven’t played soccer in a while, so right now I would say lacrosse even though it’s higher scoring. Soccer has more meaning to the goals but I would still say scoring in lacrosse.


For as many athletic honors you received throughout high school, you seemed to have just as many academically. What was the key to having so much success both on the field and in the classroom? How has the transition been becoming a student-athlete at Lafayette?

In both high school and college I’ve had people helping me through. They taught me good time management, which is key. It’s been mainly the upperclassmen I’ve played with. It’s been an easy transition with all the support through the peer mentor program and other things like that. My peer mentor helps me stay on track and has been a great resource whenever I need her.


You scored the game winner in overtime against American on Saturday. Is that the first game winner of your career? How did it feel to score the game winner in the team’s first Patriot League win?

I think so. We had a senior score another goal after that as almost a safety winner. The Patriot League game was a must since we are near the end of our season. It was definitely very important.


After your fifth goal, did it start to become surreal?

It never really hit me because the game was so close the whole time. Our goalie had two great saves in the last minute. It didn’t hit me until we finally won.


You’re an undecided major, with almost two semesters under your belt. Do you know what you plan on studying yet? And if so, what made you choose this field?

I don’t. I thought it would come to me but it really hasn’t yet. I’m drifting more towards science. It makes more sense to me; it has an answer and I like that about it.


What’s been the biggest adjustment moving from high school sports to Division I athletics? Was your six-goal performance a sign that you’ve officially settled in?

The constant competitive nature in practice and games. In high school there are rival teams, but in college every team is made up of great players. We’ve had a lot of close games in the Patriot League. The team made it very easy to settle in from the get-go. With so much talent on the team we’ve had a lot of people step up. That game was just my game.


Who do you look up to as the person who has had the biggest impact on getting you to where you are today?

My family. My brothers played lacrosse in college and have always helped me. Also, my parents have given me constant support throughout my life.


What was it like being the only girl in your family and having two brothers? How did they impact the person and athlete you became?

It was fun. I loved being the baby girl. It was great being able to play with them and have that competition from a young age. They thickened my skin and made me better prepared for a tough transition like high school to college.


Quick Hitters:

Favorite Food: Chicken Noodle Soup

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite Athlete: Mia Hamm

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