Yakety Yak – Don’t talk back


Just when I thought social media hype couldn’t get any worse, the universe shovels Yik Yak onto my doorstep. Labeled as a medium to share information with other local users of the app, the only information being shared on there is how YOU Suck Suck. Already banned in some schools in the United States due to several instances of cyber-bullying, Yik Yak gives me the chance to be as much of a scrote as I need to be with all the convenience of anonymity.

It sounds like fun until your school has to evacuate twice in one day because of anonymous bomb threats. All that aside, Yik Yak is all the rage at Lafayette. It has become the student body’s official grounds for talking crap.

If you’re not bashing your professor, your roommate, or some fraternity or sorority, you›re doing it wrong. I suppose if you’re not wasting your time chirping off about random people, Yik Yak can be used for the higher purpose of spewing your hormones all over the place. Guys, you can finally express how hot that chick in your Chem class is while also demonstrating why you have such little chance with her. And ladies, you can finally express your long-concealed feelings that you would tooooootally have that guy’s babies.Whether you’re an active user or just a lurker, this app has given people something to talk about (maybe even in person). So, if you have nothing better to do than refresh your feed all day, it’s about time for you to yak off!