Album Review: Harry Styles’s ‘Fine Line’ is the perfect dose of summertime this winter


Styles brings relentless musicality and summer aspirations in his new album ‘Fine Line’. (Album cover courtesy of Vice.)

Fruit salads and summertime are all I can imagine when I listen to “Fine Line” by Harry Styles. It is an album I didn’t know I needed in these wintery months. The feeling of the music transports me into one of Styles’s famous high waisted, suspender, silk shirt outfits, and suddenly, it’s not snowing anymore and I’m singing to the fish in the music video of “Adore You.”

Let’s be honest, much of popular music nowadays has been missing that lasting effect on the soul. Listening to current music hits may not captivate you in your first listen, and you may enjoy it later only because all of your friends do. However, it seems that not too long after the endless replays in clubs or on the radio, you forget the song and move on to the next hit.

“Fine Line”, however, is an album that will stay with you. Lyrically and musically, almost every song on the album makes you feel something. It’s like eating that slice of strawberry cake that melts in your mouth, leaving the sweet taste of whipped cream and making you want to devour the entire cake (we’ve all been there). His voice, just like that slice, melts perfectly, too. 

The album is fresh yet timeless. The production is phenomenal, and the lyrics reflect his musical experience. Not only is it an album that sounds so good, it is a smart album with impressive range. Genres are mixed and flipped, completely unexpectedly. 

Styles brings an element of soul in “Light Up,” which features a choir singing for all of us to step into the light. The beat of the drums and the dream-like bridge take you into a cloudy void until you are snapped back into reality when it ends.

“Canyon Moon” is a lighthearted, seemingly country melody that warms my Texas heart, while “Watermelon Sugar” is a bit of rock and pop blended into a perfect summer smoothie.

“Adore You,” a popular song released as a single, requires me to spew my heart out singing every time. It’s the song you scream to your crush across the room when they are turned around because they haven’t gotten the hint to let you adore them (just don’t show them the video, it may give them the wrong idea).

The album is a progression through Styles’s love life that is both beautifully crafted and sexy. 

There is a song on the album to make you feel like an ultimate dancing queen (“Golden”), to sleep softly to in your sad boy hours (“Falling”), or to just feel damn good (“She”). Go ahead, and ride around campus with the album blasting for that personal summer in your car, I won’t judge.

Styles has relentlessly hit us with amazing singles and two amazing albums, and I am genuinely excited to see where he takes us next.