Love, rage and/or nachos: How to survive Valentine’s Day


Don’t have a broken heart this Valentine’s Day. Head to Skeggy’s Axe House or Scratch in the Easton Public Market for some fun with friends. (Photo courtesy of Jackie/Flickr)

Valentine’s Day: a day of feelings gone wild and plenty of cringe. People either love it or harbor adamant emotions of the opposite kind.

Termed by many as a “capitalist ploy” to stimulate the economy (especially the chocolate and floral industries), it is a day that never fails to remind the single people of the world just how single they are.

Isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be “perfect” and “magical”? Grossly pink hearts and excessive verbiage spewed out over the masses? Even if you don’t have a loved one to celebrate with, you can survive. To cope with such horrors, you may as well take advantage of this preposterous holiday and celebrate the love you have for yourself and your friends. Here’s how:

1) Go out for a casual dinner with your friends! Just because you’re not laughing flirtatiously with a date doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good plate of nachos or southern cooking with those who make you feel special. Some great places include Mesa Modern Mexican (my personal favorite), Stoke (the pizza there is delicious), and The Bayou (for some Southern flair).

2) Everyone deserves a spa night. Put on some relaxing music, get those face masks on and maybe even eat some chocolate. You’ll feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie living a life of luxury, without the actual cringe factor of a Hallmark movie. And yes, a nail polish trade is always a great idea.

3) Go find a big screen on campus (Rockwell has plenty) and watch a classic romance! You might not have starry eyes for someone this Valentine’s day, but you should feel more than welcome to live vicariously through those on the screen who do. I highly recommend “The Notebook” and “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

4) Head down to the Easton Public Market today for the 4th Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Event at Scratch. Featuring pizza specials, local art and jewelry, tarot card readings, live music, and more, you’ll be sure to feel right at home celebrating your annoyance with this holiday.

5) If you’re feeling particularly angsty this Valentine’s Day, go chuck some axes at Skeggy’s Axe House, right on Centre Square. I can’t imagine a better way to cope with any feelings of anger towards this holiday.

For those of you out there lucky enough to actually have a date (don’t rub it in), here are some ideas that borderline cringey…but also pretty cute. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Sette Luna or Oak, cry over “The Notebook” together, or spend the day at Easton Wine Project. Try not to smile or show too much emotion – you wouldn’t want to upset the singles this holiday!

Whatever your position on the subject and whatever your perspective or status, there are ways to make Valentine’s Day better than you imagined.