Review: The Blue Sky Café is a sunny way to start your day

Delicious seasonal pumpkin pancakes
Photos by Anastasia Gayol Cintron ‘17
A good old fashioned American breakfast with an organic twist at the Blue Sky Café. 4.5/5

Take a walk off the beaten path, back in time to Easton’s colonial days. The Blue Sky Café is a modern marvel concealed in the old brick-faced State Café and Grill on the South Fifth. The interior of the restaurant has an open-air feel. The exposed kitchen directly at facing the front door, exudes a sense of pride and confidence in the preparation of the contents of the café’s menu. Industrial fixings surround the kitchen area and a small wait staff patrols the small dining room, which feels more like kitchen at Grandma’s house than anything else.

My dining partners and I were seated at a slightly sticky booth with coffee-stained paper menus in front of us, a tone slightly reminiscent of the Hawthorne Grill in “Pulp Fiction.” From the moment our waitress arrived at our table until the end of the meal, we experienced nothing short of a perfect dining experience. Everything on the menu at Blue Sky is a traditional American breakfast item with a hipster twist and an emphasis on the quality of ingredients.

From the freshly squeezed orange juice to the free refills of coffee, Blue Sky did not fall short in any discipline. I ordered the hanger steak breakfast wrap: soft scrambled eggs cocooning melted cheese, sliced pieces of juicy hanger steak, breakfast potatoes, and sautéed peppers and onions. Despite the heaviness of this meal, I could taste each ingredient individually in its quality and freshness. The wrap, although packed, did have its contents mushed together to create one note of flavor – there were several. One of my dining partners ordered a customized breakfast sandwich of egg, ham, and cheese with a side of breakfast potatoes. Once again, you could taste the layers of the organic ingredients.

Another one of my dining partners ordered the Steel City Omelette with Applewood bacon, shallots, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, and smoked gouda cheese. It was heaven on a plate. The star of the meal, however, was their seasonal pancake special. They were pumpkin pancakes that were gooey goodness. With a little maple syrup they were a bite of autumn.

I would recommend Blue Sky for anyone seeking a good old fashioned American breakfast with a quality assurance. The entire dining experience felt perfectly quaint and holistic. While being quite a walk from Centre Square in Easton, the prices are to die for and therefore worth the extra burned calories. Breakfast ranges from $1 – $10 and that’s a steal for the love put into each plate at the Blue Sky Café.

Blue Sky Café is located at 14-16 South Fifth Street, Easton, PA 18042 and is open for breakfast and lunch from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday.

Hanger steak wrap
Hanger steak wrap
Custom order egg, ham, and cheese sandwich
Custom order egg, ham, and cheese sandwich