Hit-and-run drunk driver receives maximum sentence

Wilson Kneebone receives maximum sentence for hitting Aubrey Baumbach with his car

A local man who hit a Lafayette student with his car last year was recently sentenced to the maximum penalty for the charges against him, according to The Morning Call.

Wilson Kneebone, 50, received 15 months to seven years in state prison as his sentence, according to the Morning Call. He was tried in the Northampton County Court, according to the Express-Times.

“Your actions have not only destroyed her life but her parents’ and those who dearly loved her,” Northampton County Judge Jennifer Sletvold told Kneebone, according to the Express-Times.

Kneebone allegedly hit Aubrey Baumbach with his car in November of last year. She was walking back to campus from crew practice at dusk on Lehigh Drive when Kneebone hit her with his car.

He pled guilty on July 11 to charges of driving with a suspended license and aggravated assault.

Kneebone has previously been convicted of drunk driving, according to the Morning Call.

Baumbach had severe brain trauma and suffers from ongoing infections.

The Baumbach family is now suing the college for negligence and intentional misrepresentations. The lawsuit accuses the college of not providing adequate safeguards and knowing Lehigh Drive is unsafe.