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(Photo by Adrianna Barazotti 21)

Playa Bowls franchise comes to Easton

Megan Deacon December 1, 2017

The New Jersey-born restaurant Playa Bowls opens at its second Lehigh Valley location at 16th North 3rd Street in Easton today. Currently, the franchise has several locations in New Jersey and New...

Easton Public Library is built on top of a mass grave. (Photo by Anna Coffer 21)

Ghosts of Easton’s past: frightening tales of the city’s spiritual realm

Megan Deacon October 27, 2017

While many know Easton as the location of the Crayola Factory and the home of Lafayette, the city is also rich in history outside these two institutions. What many in the college community may not...

Production kitchen brings new market and event venue to Easton (Photo by Megan Deacon 21).

New production kitchen provides a ‘Common Space’

Megan Deacon September 29, 2017

Retired school teachers Bernadette and Swain Fennimore embarked on a culinary journey with partner Frank Jerasa this past May when they opened Common Space on Northampton St. A production kitchen...

Lightening the mood: new stand-up comedy open mic begins in Easton

Megan Deacon September 8, 2017

The Easton Comedy Function is on a mission to bring out the comedians in Easton area residents. Held at the Standard in downtown Easton, the open mic comedy night takes place the first and third...

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