The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Some sophomores were orientation leaders despite not having their own in-person orientation the year prior. (Photo courtesy of Jess Langlois 24)

Class of 2024 discusses ‘disorienting’ experience being second-year students during first full year on campus

By Lisa Green September 17, 2021

From missing out on the end of their senior year of high school to attending their first semesters of college virtually, the class of 2024 has had its fair share of atypical firsts and lasts. Many sophomores...

Shakespeares R&J will mark the Lafayette theater departments return to the world of in-person plays. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Theater Department)

Theater department launches production of in-person “Shakespeare’s R&J”

By Lisa Green September 10, 2021

One feature of normal campus life will soon be returning to College Hill. For the first time in nearly two years, the theater program is presenting an entirely in-person season. Theater professor Michael...

Jean Améry began speaking about his experience as a Holocaust survivor after the 1964 Frankfurt Auschwitz trials. (Photo courtesy of Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation)

‘No conflict is ever settled’: Ilit Ferber speaks on the work of Holocaust survivor Jean Améry

By Lisa Green April 16, 2021

Tel-Aviv University Philosophy Professor Ilit Ferber brought the work of Holocaust survivor Jean Améry to light at the college last Friday. The lecture, in recognition of Holocaust Remembrance Day on...

Skiff was filmed in Easton last July. (Photo Courtesy of Ethan Barsh 21)

Student Artist Spotlight: ‘Once in a lifetime experience’: filmmaker Ethan Barsh ’21 and actor Tim Kearin ’21 discuss original short film ‘Skiff’

By Lisa Green April 9, 2021

"Skiff" is the story of a "categorically forgettable" high school student who attempts to leave his mark on a small town in Pennsylvania. Written, directed and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic by...

The cabaret was co-hosted by Annie Krege 23 and Lehigh senior Olivia White. (Photo courtesy of Annie Krege 23)

Marquis Players holds first rivalry cabaret with Lehigh’s Mustard and Cheese Society

By Lisa Green March 26, 2021

On Sunday, Lafayette's Marquis players mingled with Lehigh University's Mustard and Cheese society to share songs and monologues in a live-streamed YouTube performance. This was the first-ever cabaret...

Third Street Alliance housed 44 adults and 67 children in 2020. (Photo by Josh Joseph 24)

A closer look at Third Street Alliance, a shelter dedicated to families and communities in Easton

By Lisa Green March 12, 2021

Just a short walk down the hill sits Third Street Alliance, a shelter for women, children and families that has been serving the Easton community for more than a century. According to their website, the...

Taylor Johnsons writing journey began when they were in tenth grade. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Johnson Poems website)

Taylor Johnson speaks on poetic inspirations including intimacy and racial identity

By Lisa Green November 13, 2020

Taylor Johnson sees the process of writing poetry as well as poetry itself as "a way of theorizing things." Last Tuesday, Johnson spoke to students and professors over Zoom and read selected poems from...

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò discussed the social structures that produce masculinity in his talk on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò website)

Georgetown University Professor Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò discusses masculinity and emotional availability

By Lisa Green November 6, 2020

For philosopher Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò, reexamining how individuals display emotion can help re-imagine male socialization as a resource rather than an impediment. On Thursday afternoon, over 40 students...

Some Easton restaurants have invested in outdoor heaters in anticipation of the colder months. (Photo by Brandon Marin 22)

Looking ahead to winter: How are Easton restaurants going to adapt to cold weather?

By Lisa Green October 30, 2020

This summer, downtown Easton, like many other cities around the country, utilized outdoor dining as a way to optimize safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as restaurants begin to look...

Carl Laemmle is known for creating the early Hollywood films, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Dracula.” (Photo Courtesy of IMDb)

‘How do you tell a man’s story who can’t really tell it for himself?’: James L. Freedman speaks on his biographical film ‘Carl Laemmle’

By Lisa Green October 16, 2020

Director James L. Freedman's 2019 film "Carl Laemmle" tells the story of "a real American hero," for immigrants and filmmakers alike. This past Monday, Freedman answered questions from students and professors...

Danez Smith was the keynote speaker for this years LGBTQ+ History Month at the college. (Photo Courtesy of Danez Smith Website)

‘Don’t call us dead’ author Danez Smith discusses poetry and the queer Black experience in 2020 America

By Lisa Green October 9, 2020

For Danez Smith, poetry is a way to create the world you want to see and "sneak that world into being." This past Thursday, Smith spoke to students and professors over Zoom and read a few of their poems...

Jordy Rosenberg is the author of Confessions of the Fox. (Photo Courtesy of the University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Jordy Rosenberg discusses the idea of gender in the modern Jewish American community

By Lisa Green October 2, 2020

From a critically acclaimed 18th-century historical fiction novel to a new autobiography, no genre is off limits for author Jordy Rosenberg. Last Tuesday, Rosenberg spoke to students and professors over...

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