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Anderson earned her bachelors degree at Lafayette and completed her Ph.D in biomedical engineering at the University of Virginia. (Photo courtesy of Lauren Anderson 04).

Professor Lauren Anderson ‘04 to take command of engineering division

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor May 6, 2022

The engineering division will have a new leader beginning this summer. Lauren Anderson ‘04, a chemical and biomolecular engineering associate professor, will replace the current Jeffers Director of Engineering,...

The proposals must be approved by Student Government, the faculty and the Board of Trustees.

Student Government Ad-hoc Committee proposes constitutional changes to organization

Aliana Mediratta, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

The Constitution and Bylaws Ad-hoc Committee introduced a potential new structure for Student Government at a general body meeting last Thursday which included decreasing the size of the organization by...

Lafayette College Public Saftey determined the shooting was not a threat to the campus. (Photo courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live)

Shooting in Easton Centre Square leaves one injured, suspect at large

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor April 15, 2022

A 29-year-old man was shot in the area around Centre Square and S. 3rd Street of downtown Easton last Saturday around 2 a.m. The victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, is refusing to cooperate...

The project to remove the dams on Bushkill Creek began in 2005. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Professors continue push to remove Bushkill Creek dams

Gilad Evans, Contributing Writer April 15, 2022

Professors and students have tried for years to remove the dams along Bushkill Creek to improve the aquatic environment. Faced with financial and logistical obstacles, professors hope that by next year...

The swings recently placed around campus can hold 2,000 pounds. (Photo by Deanna Hanchuk 22)

Spring has swung: Kristen Steudel ’22 and Remy Oktay ’24 bring twelve swings to campus

Jennifer Ortega and Trebor Maitin April 15, 2022

The process of getting swings up all over campus has its highs and lows. Over the past few weeks, Kristen Steudel '22 and Remy Oktay '24 channeled their passions for swinging into a campus-wide initiative...

Lafayette becomes beach-front property after New Jersey falls into the sea

Lafayette becomes beach-front property after New Jersey falls into the sea

April 1, 2022

Students are encouraged to grab their sunglasses and flip-flops, as Lafayette is now beach-front property after New Jersey suddenly sank into the Atlantic Ocean this past week. Geology Professor Davy...

The Milford-Upper Black Eddy bridge used to be located 15 miles down river of Easton but was destroyed during the 1903 flood. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Arts Center Flooding)

Archives of 1903 Easton flood reveal horrific destruction

Gilad Evans, Contributing Writer March 25, 2022

In October 1903, a large amount of the Northeastern states suffered from a high rainfall event that eventually resulted in a flood. Easton was one of many areas caught up in the severe flooding that would...

 provided many of resources related to feminism and gender equity. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

‘Feminist Fest’ celebrates Women’s History Month

Emma Sylvester, Contributing Writer March 25, 2022

Since the college welcomed women into classrooms in 1970, Lafayette had yet to throw a major celebration of women–until now. On Tuesday, the Office of Intercultural Development hosted "Feminist Fest,"...

The boathouse is located along Lehigh Drive, a narrow road with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. (Photo by Trebor Maitin 24 for The Lafayette)

Baumbach appeal successful: Lawsuit against college and crew coaches proceeds

Nathan Kornfeind and Trebor Maitin March 11, 2022

In a unanimous decision reached last Friday, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania concluded that a civil suit brought by the parents of former student Aubrey Baumbach against Lafayette College, crew coach...

The new solar panels, atop Kirby Sports Center are a large step towards Lafayette sustainability initiatives. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College website)

New solar panels on Kirby Sports Center pave the way for greener future

Tyler Makover, Contributing Writer March 11, 2022

This month, Lafayette College took a major step toward advancing its carbon neutrality commitment pledge. As of March 1, the college's on-campus solar array is operational on the roof of Kirby Sports Center. The...

A Budget Planning Committee will be formed to guide the budgeting process. (Photo by Emma Sylvester 25 for The Lafayette)

How Lafayette’s classes, professors and programs get funded

Gilad Evans, Contributing Writer March 11, 2022

A year-long effort that determines the financial means for divisions on campus, the budget process, is integral to the college but remains largely unknown to the student body. Craig Becker, the interim...

Beginning March 1, students no longer have to wear masks in many indoor spaces. (Photo courtesy of Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Campus mask mandate loosened after updated CDC guidelines

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor March 4, 2022

After an update to CDC guidelines and Covid protocols on campus, Lafayette students will no longer be required to mask up in most indoor settings on campus. As of Tuesday, masking is no longer required...

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