The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Benjamin Herman 23, Joshua Hale 23 and Shirley Liu 23 said that their trip to Tokyo was one to remember. (Photo courtesy of Shirley Liu 23)

Forensics team takes on Tokyo

By Paige Mathieu , Staff Writer March 24, 2023

For the first time in Lafayette’s history, the forensics team traveled abroad to compete in the International Forensics Association tournament. Shirley Liu '23, Joshua Hale '23 and Benjamin Herman '23...

Rick Fisher (right), who was the Leopard mascot for 15 years, poses with the current mascot, Dysean Alexander. (Photo courtesy of Dysean Alexander)

Unmasking the Leopard

By McKenna Graf, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

After the October 2021 retirement of Rick Fisher, the man behind the Leopard mascot for the past 15 years, the identity of the new Leopard has remained largely a secret — until now. Some assume the...

Fictional tennis legend Carrie Soto attempts to become the oldest woman to win a Grand Slam in Taylor Jenkins Reids latest novel. (Photo courtesy of Goodreads)

Maddie’s Library: ‘Carrie Soto is Back’ stuns with immersive feminist sports story

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor March 24, 2023

Carrie Soto loves to win. In fact, for her, it’s the only option. She has dedicated her whole life to being the best tennis player in the world, angering plenty of people along the way with her intensity...

Love Letters showcased the talent of both students and faculty.

Performance Review: ‘Love Letters’ tells story of romance over 50 years

By Paige Mathieu , Contributing Writer March 10, 2023

The theater department's recent production of A. R. Gurney’s "Love Letters" is a creative collaboration between students and faculty that will not soon be forgotten. From March 2 to March 5, Benry...

The current spring concert, Lafchella, features student bands and local performers. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

History of the spring concert

By Dylan Gooding, Contributing Writer March 10, 2023

From All College Day to the Spring Concert to now Lafchella, the end-of-the-school-year concert has evolved over the last 40 years in an attempt to keep things entertaining, safe and sustainable while...

Many students in the climate change class have chosen to go vegetarian or limit their electricity usage. (Photo courtesy of Bernadette Russo 24)

Students make lifestyle changes in climate change class

By Kendal Davis, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

Students in environmental studies professor Chrissy Hall’s class on climate change are taking the next few weeks to make a life change. Whether it's going vegetarian, limiting electricity use or attempting...

Op-Ed: In Defense of ChatGPT

By Michael Antonacci March 10, 2023

By now you have most likely heard of ChatGPT, the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) application. ChatGPT was released in Nov. 2022 by the company OpenAI and has since captivated users with its impressive...

Letter to the Editor

By Ethan Berkove March 10, 2023

The Hillel board would like to briefly respond to some comments in the March 3, 2023 article about the request to form a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter.  To provide some context, the Lafayette...

Op-Ed: Ethical considerations in engineering

By Mia Powell March 10, 2023

When peers in my English classes hear I'm an engineer, they often say "oh, you're not an English major?" in a skeptical tone. I wasn’t exactly sure what made me seem like an English major but I took...

Last summer, Caitlyn Carr 23 traveled to Italy with professor Eric Hupe to photograph sites for a virtual reality experience. (Photo courtesy of Eric Hupe)

Bringing Italy to College Hill: Virtual reality in art history classrooms

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor March 3, 2023

You’re inside the Magi Chapel, staring up at the Renaissance frescoes, boldly colored and intricately detailed. The scene is all-consuming; it surrounds you and pulls you in. Now, take off your virtual...

Yazdan Basir 23 creates models to help the mens soccer team visualize its statistics. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Today)

Yazdan Basir ’23 brings men’s soccer stats to life

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor March 3, 2023

Every time a member of Lafayette’s men’s soccer team takes a shot during a game, senior Yazdan Basir sees a dot. If the shot goes wide, the dot is blue; if it hits the post, the dot is white. And if...

A pitch clock will be introduced to speed up the games pace. (Photo by Daniel Shirey for MLB Photos)

Sidelines: New MLB rules a ‘mixed bag’

By Madeline Marriott, Culture Editor February 25, 2023

As players begin to report for spring training, the MLB has implemented several new rules for the 2023 season after testing them in the minor leagues. For me, this set of rules is a mixed bag. The most...

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