The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Finishing strong: How cultures surrounding sports differ and determine how we crown our champs

Finishing strong: How cultures surrounding sports differ and determine how we crown our champs

By Michael Morgan May 5, 2016

There have been several motifs in my “Sidelines” articles in my time writing for The Lafayette, but I particularly enjoy writing about things that stand out about the way we regard sports in America....

Underdogs across the pond: A small club has a chance to become first small club in decades to become champs

By Michael Morgan April 28, 2016

Leicester: Pronuncation: \ˈles-tər\ or Part of speech: Noun Definition: An English soccer team you’ve probably never heard of that happens to be on the verge of winning the Barclays Premier League. If...

Sunday at Augusta: A Masters collapse for the ages

By Michael Morgan April 14, 2016

Sunday at Augusta is when the stakes are the highest. It’s golf’s biggest stage, and you’re lucky if you haven’t missed the cut and had to pack your bags come Sunday. But on Sunday at Augusta,...

Why we love the madness: Why the March Madness format is the ideal postseason for sports fans

By Michael Morgan March 17, 2016

Every year starting in mid-March, everything in the professional sports world takes a back seat to what many call the most exciting postseason in all of sports. In a 68-team, 67-game mega-tournament,...

Could the Concussion Culture Pave the Way for Early Retirements?

By Michael Morgan March 10, 2016

We have heard plenty about the retirement of Peyton Manning this past week. Sports reporters have highlighted his legacy, his classy attitude, and his execution as he ended his career with a Super Bowl...

Decision made: Daily fantasy sports made illegal in New York

By Michael Morgan March 8, 2016

Six weeks ago the installment of Sidelines discussed the recent strides fantasy sports have made in light of technological and statistical advances in sports. One of the ways mentioned for getting that...

Yet another Steph Curry article: The Warriors and their point guard continue to do the impossible

By Michael Morgan March 4, 2016

Saturday night, with 10 minutes and 44 seconds remaining in the third quarter against Oklahoma City, reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry dribbled past his defender and drove hard to the left side of the hoop. Leaping...

A worry gone viral: An Olympic-less summer?

By Michael Morgan February 12, 2016

Ah, the Olympics. The two-week-and-change event that ties competition in non-mainstream sports to our allegiance to our nation. Whether you’re a wholehearted flag-waver or a casual fan of gymnastics,...

Panther prediction

Panther prediction

By Michael Morgan February 5, 2016

The improbabilities of the Panthers’ run to Super Bowl 50 If there’s a single person out there who predicted the Panthers to reach the Super Bowl before the season started, I want to know how to get...

SIDELINES: The art of the farewell tour

SIDELINES: The art of the farewell tour

By Michael Morgan December 4, 2015

Kobe Bryant announces his retirement Retirement in sports is the inevitable end to every career—superstar or benchwarmer. But it’s a right of passage among the best to announce retirement and have...

SIDELINES: Discussing Peyton Manning

By Michael Morgan November 20, 2015

Lost feeling in his hands and his game Peyton Manning has been places most haven’t in his storied football career. From growing up in New Orleans, watching his dad become a legendary quarterback for...



By Michael Morgan October 30, 2015

The impracticality of the NFL in London We all have that friend who came back from study abroad just a little bit too Euro. It’s the same friend that doesn’t shut up about their time in Europe and...

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