Countdown of the best rom-coms for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re curling up on a couch with a special someone or spending this Valentine’s Day flying solo, there is one crucial ingredient to the holiday that separates a good Valentines day from a great one: the romantic comedy. They’re safe, no surprise storylines and heartfelt stories make them the perfect feel-good films with your valentine. The right rom-com brings laughter and joy, while the wrong one bores you to tears.

So, it is extremely important that, when choosing your cheesy flick, you select one of these top 5 cheesy rom-coms to warm your heart.

5: “When Harry Met Sally”

This classic of the genre, released in 1989, remains as witty and insightful as ever. It answers the age old question of whether a man and a woman can truly be “just friends,” as well as introducing such ubiquitous terms as “I’ll have what she’s having” and “high maintenance relationship.”

4: “Sleepless in Seattle”

The touching tale of two lonely souls who discover each other through a radio call could not be a more perfect Valentine’s Day movie for believers in true love. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan turn in funny and charming performances. There are also numerous homages to the classic “An Affair to Remember” make this one of the sweetest films out there.

3: “Say Anything”

One of the most famous rom-com clichés stems from this 1989 film, as the iconic boombox scene continues to be referenced and parodied to this day. Make sure you have plenty of tissues handy for this wonderful little film.

2: “Annie Hall”

The most romantic effort from one of the greatest directors in the world, “Annie Hall” follows Woody Allen figuring out his complicated relationship with the titular character played by (and written for) Diane Keaton. A great film for the lonely hearts searching for love out there.

1: “Love Actually”

The tagline of “The Ultimate Romantic Comedy” perfectly describes “Love Actually”, a film that follows eight different couples and their struggles and successes as they figure out what love means to them. While many of these stories are not the fairytale romances we dream of, the film remains at least somewhat optimistic about the nature of love. Lots of laughs, lots of love and lots of quotable moments make this the greatest Valentines Day romantic comedy out there.