The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette


Letter to the Editor

By Ariel Haber-Fawcett, Ari Ismail and Briana Thomas March 24, 2023

Our goal in establishing SJP at Lafayette is to encourage freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians in the context of the collective liberation of all peoples. When the administration denied our application,...

Letter to the Editor

By Miles Asher Dorai-Raj March 24, 2023

The article posted March 10 about QPOC living in Lavender Lane not only misrepresented the QPOC experience in the house, but took the opinions of its residents out of context. The way that both Image and...

Letter to the Editor

By John Meier and Ingrid Furniss March 10, 2023

Dear Editor-in-Chief, The March 3 article about the request to form a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter contains the following sentence: “Among the ideas on the sticky notes were to address...

Op-Ed: Debunking Posse myths

By Shirley Liu March 10, 2023

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my fourth — and last — PossePlus Retreat (PPR). If you aren’t familiar, PPR is an annual, weekend-long retreat where Posse scholars, mentors and administrators,...

Op-Ed: In Defense of ChatGPT

By Michael Antonacci March 10, 2023

By now you have most likely heard of ChatGPT, the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) application. ChatGPT was released in Nov. 2022 by the company OpenAI and has since captivated users with its impressive...

Letter to the Editor

By Ethan Berkove March 10, 2023

The Hillel board would like to briefly respond to some comments in the March 3, 2023 article about the request to form a Students for Justice in Palestine chapter.  To provide some context, the Lafayette...

Op-Ed: Ethical considerations in engineering

By Mia Powell March 10, 2023

When peers in my English classes hear I'm an engineer, they often say "oh, you're not an English major?" in a skeptical tone. I wasn’t exactly sure what made me seem like an English major but I took...

Op-Ed: We need to do better

By Jenny Davis March 10, 2023

Did you know what ‘Posse scholar’ meant before seeing the term slandered on Yik Yak? Probably not.  Lafayette is a primarily white institution (PWI). When it was founded in 1826, the college only...

Letter to the Editor

By Lily Dineen March 10, 2023

Walking away from the Naval Academy last weekend, the track and field team had eight top-10 performances and nine personal bests – a culmination of a full season’s work. Spirits were high after many...

Letter to the Editor: Intent versus impact

By Meredith McGee February 24, 2023

When I saw the recent letter to the editor written by Matt Murphy, I was dismayed at the choice that The Lafayette took to publish it. While I take personal issue with the words espoused by Murphy himself,...

Op-Ed: Reflecting on a year of war

By Deanna Hanchuk February 24, 2023

So much has happened in Ukraine this past year.  So much has happened since that first night, a year ago today, when Russian missiles rained down over their peaceful neighbor’s dark sky.  So...

Letter to the Editor

By Harper Will February 24, 2023

The Lafayette recently published a Letter to the Editor sent in by Matt Murphy, a teacher from New Hampshire. This letter was chock-full of illogical arguments seeking to justify hockey player Ivan Provorov’s...

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