The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette


Op-Ed: Debunking Posse myths

By Shirley Liu March 10, 2023

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending my fourth — and last — PossePlus Retreat (PPR). If you aren’t familiar, PPR is an annual, weekend-long retreat where Posse scholars, mentors and administrators,...

Op-Ed: In Defense of ChatGPT

By Michael Antonacci March 10, 2023

By now you have most likely heard of ChatGPT, the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) application. ChatGPT was released in Nov. 2022 by the company OpenAI and has since captivated users with its impressive...

Op-Ed: Ethical considerations in engineering

By Mia Powell March 10, 2023

When peers in my English classes hear I'm an engineer, they often say "oh, you're not an English major?" in a skeptical tone. I wasn’t exactly sure what made me seem like an English major but I took...

Op-Ed: We need to do better

By Jenny Davis March 10, 2023

Did you know what ‘Posse scholar’ meant before seeing the term slandered on Yik Yak? Probably not.  Lafayette is a primarily white institution (PWI). When it was founded in 1826, the college only...

Op-Ed: Reflecting on a year of war

By Deanna Hanchuk February 24, 2023

So much has happened in Ukraine this past year.  So much has happened since that first night, a year ago today, when Russian missiles rained down over their peaceful neighbor’s dark sky.  So...

Op-Ed: The misogyny exposed by the mythical Pennsylvania brothel law

By McKenna Graf February 24, 2023

There is a common misconception that a brothel law exists in Pennsylvania that prohibits a certain number of women from living in the same house. At Lafayette, it is believed that this law is the reason...

Op-Ed: Lessons transferring taught me: Reflections on creating a culture of gratitude

By Aliana Mediratta February 10, 2023

Last May, I packed up everything in Marquis 217, everything I accumulated throughout my freshman year: thick coats for my first snowy winter, notes passed in class and stolen dining hall mugs. I enlisted...

Op-Ed: Why I’m dropping Student Government

By Emma Chen February 10, 2023

After two years of serving on Student Government, I have decided not to return for my final year. I would not consider myself somebody that has done huge things within the position I held. However, everything...

Op-Ed: Anna Fenkel ’25: I’ll make it happen

By Anna Fenkel February 10, 2023

Change. Whether it comes in the form of a new president or new ideas, change is necessary. I am uniquely prepared to make it happen. Throughout my life, I have been an effective leader. After three semesters,...

Op-Ed: Aaron O. Hoff was more than a statue

By Sarah Afromsky, Erin Diggins and Rebecca Jackson December 9, 2022

Each spring, Lafayette College recognizes students who have committed themselves to academic excellence, strong leadership and who embrace the spirit of multiculturalism. Students who are honored are given...

Op-Ed: Lafayette’s ableism runs deeper than ramps

By Jefrey Alexander December 2, 2022

Lafayette College has egregiously failed its student body. According to a campus accessibility review done in 2014, while most buildings abide by the criteria set forth by the 1991 Americans with Disabilities...

Op-Ed: Why are we paying for Lafayette-Lehigh?

By Charlie Berman November 18, 2022

I want to preface this by saying that I work in a limited capacity with the football team, give tours during official visits and, up until recently, worked with them for about 15 hours every week helping...

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