The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Lafayette History

The faculty play was a time-honored tradition at the college for nearly 40 years. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Archives)

What happened to faculty plays?

By William Gutiérrez, Staff Writer May 3, 2024

While Lafayette has several vibrant opportunities for students to involve themselves in theater, the Lafayette faculty used to performed their own play, too — one entirely written and designed by them.  The...

The Laff-a-lot was the first-ever satirical version of The Lafayette. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Archives)

The history of The Scoffayette

By Kristen Vincent, Assistant Culture Editor March 22, 2024

Since 1984, The Lafayette has celebrated April Fools' Day by publishing an edition consisting of satirical articles now known as The Scoffayette. The first April Fools' edition of The Lafayette was...

Women of first fully co-ed class look back 50 years after graduating

Women of first fully co-ed class look back 50 years after graduating

Susan Trotter considers herself a pioneer. Along with Joyce Cohen ‘74, an Easton native, she was the first woman to submit her enrollment deposit for Lafayette College – just three days after she was...

Student Government protested the slow-moving process of building a student center in the spring of 1988.

The long road to Farinon College Center

By Isabella Gaglione, Culture Editor January 26, 2024

Before students could study in the Leopard’s Lair, grab lunch at Lower and pick up their mail in the post office, Lafayette’s student center looked a little different. In April 1988, the college's...

The Presidents House has a rich history that spans over a century.

A look into the President’s House then and now

By Paige Mathieu, Staff Writer October 6, 2023

The President’s House has stood on Cattell Street for over 150 years, but it hasn’t always been occupied by the college president. Prior to 1884, most presidents lived either in their own residences...

Rick Fisher (right), who was the Leopard mascot for 15 years, poses with the current mascot, Dysean Alexander. (Photo courtesy of Dysean Alexander)

Unmasking the Leopard

By McKenna Graf, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

After the October 2021 retirement of Rick Fisher, the man behind the Leopard mascot for the past 15 years, the identity of the new Leopard has remained largely a secret — until now. Some assume the...

The current spring concert, Lafchella, features student bands and local performers. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

History of the spring concert

By Dylan Gooding, Contributing Writer March 10, 2023

From All College Day to the Spring Concert to now Lafchella, the end-of-the-school-year concert has evolved over the last 40 years in an attempt to keep things entertaining, safe and sustainable while...

Beginning in the 1970s, WJRH was funded by Hugh Hefners Playboy foundation.

The 1970s transformation of WJRH

By Kendal Davis, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

Lafayette College's radio program first came on the scene in 1922. In the past century, it has gone through a variety of changes. Larry Fast '73 and Frank Urbaniak '75 helped usher in a new era for the...

Ted Norton eventually resigned from his position at Lafayettes library after being accused of having communist ties. (Photo courtesy of the College Archives)

Communists on campus?: Letters illuminate Lafayette’s Red Scare

By Christopher Byrnes, Contributing Writer February 24, 2023

The Red Scare and McCarthyism swept the country in the 1950s, bringing with it a wave of fear toward communism. This fear did not bypass Lafayette’s campus. One man, the college librarian, challenged...

The display on James Armistead Lafayette will be in Skillman room 209 throughout Black History Month.

Special Collections honors Revolutionary-era Black spy with display

By Paige Mathieu, Contributing Writer February 3, 2023

A name can tell a story that runs deep, often changing understandings of history. For Black History Month, Thomas Lannon, director of Special Collections & College Archives, created an exhibit in...

The second fire to engulf Pardee Hall occurred in 1897. (Photo courtesy of College Archives)

The professor who set fire to Pardee: Your burning questions answered

By Elisabeth Seidel, Staff Writer February 3, 2023

Because of its towering stature, role as a home for a variety of educational departments and location in the center of campus, Pardee Hall serves as a symbol of Lafayette. But the history of Pardee Hall...

Shayne Figureoa 99 (front, center) spearheaded a change from Arts to Arts & Entertainment during her tenure. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Archives)

What’s in a name?: The evolution of arts coverage in The Lafayette

By Madeline Marriott and Trebor Maitin January 27, 2023

As Pennsylvania’s oldest college newspaper, the content and form of The Lafayette have always been in flux. From its 1870s roots as a monthly publication by the senior class to the introduction of color...

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