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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Student Artist Spotlight

Maria Soukup 26 is trained in playing classical music on the violin. (Photo courtesy of Rae Shepard 26)

Student Artist Spotlight: Violinist Maria Soukup ’26 on her love for ‘shared language’ of playing

By Maddie Pedone, Contributing Writer April 28, 2023

Maria Soukup '26 has been playing the violin since she was seven years old. She picked out a violin in the store when she was young and never looked back. "I also just find music a very valuable thing...

Hanoi Ragmen has performed in established venues in Washington, D.C. (Photo courtesy of Shaan Shuster 23)

Student Artist Spotlight: Shaan Shuster ’23 on his award-winning band

By Bernadette Russo, Culture Editor April 14, 2023

It’s a Saturday night in Washington, District of Columbia's Howard Theatre, a 1,200-seat historic venue in the heart of the city. A seven-piece band takes the stage playing alternative rock ballads inspired...

Zach Freiheiter 23 has been composing his own music since his first year at Lafayette. (Photo courtesy of Zach Freiheiter 23)

Student Artist Spotlight: Zach Freiheiter ’23 on his composing journey

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer March 3, 2023

Zach Freiheiter '23 has been playing the trumpet since he still had baby teeth. “So I started playing it at six [years old] for like a year, and then I stopped for a couple ... because I lost my teeth,...

Juliana Soldat 24 sculpted pieces for her independent study that comment on mental health and personal struggles. (Photo courtesy of Juliana Soldat 24)

Student Artist Spotlight: Juliana Soldat ’24 depicts mental illness through sculpture

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer February 10, 2023

When she started in the art program at Lafayette, Juliana Soldat '24 saw herself primarily as a painter. This weekend, it is her sculptures that will be on display in the Williams Visual Arts Building. Soldat's...

Isabella Lu 25 made archaeological illustrations for professor Ingrid Furniss upcoming book. (Photo courtesy of Isabella Lu 25)

Student Artist Spotlight: Isabella Lu ’25 digs into archeology illustrations

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer February 3, 2023

Isabella Lu '25 had only ever done freehand drawing before she began helping art history professor Ingrid Furniss bring to life her upcoming book, "Lutes and Marginality in Pre-Modern China." Now, as the...

Satuna Mowrin 24 attempts to dismantle beauty standards in the modeling world. (Photo courtesy of Satuna Mowrin 24)

Student Artist Spotlight: Satuna Mowrin ‘24 rejects modeling stereotypes

By McKenna Graf, Contributing Writer December 2, 2022

In the span of just a few years, Satuna Mowrin '24 has gone from posting self-designed photo shoots in her bedroom to modeling for small businesses and blazing a path for a more diverse modeling industry. Mowrin...

Damoi Morgan 25 views music as a way to give the campus color. (Photo courtesy of Damoi Morgan 25)

Student Artist Spotlight: Damoi Morgan ’25 adds melody to campus with steel drum

By Elisabeth Seidel, Contributing Writer November 11, 2022

It’s possible you’ve never met Damoi Morgan '25, but it's likely that you've heard his music passing through the Quad. To many Lafayette students and faculty members, the melodies from Morgan’s steel...

Dina Azar 25 charges $35 for a manicure and $40 for a Gel-X set with nail extensions. (Photo courtesy of Dina Azar 25)

Student Artist Spotlight: Dina Azar ’25 delivers manicures centered around self-care

By Kristen Vincent, Staff Writer October 28, 2022

When Dina Azar ‘25 was younger, her mother wouldn’t allow her to get her nails done at a salon. Now, she has her own business doing nails for students at Lafayette. “[My mom] thought it wasn't...

Rapper Téo Rodriguez 24 is currently working on new music that will be released by May. (Photo courtesy of Téo Rodriguez 24)

Student Artist Spotlight: ‘My music is vulnerable’: Téo Rodriguez ’24 opens up through rap

By Bernadette Russo, Arts & Culture Editor September 9, 2022

When Téo Rodriguez ‘24 was in high school, his classmates never said his name right. Now, as an established rapper, people at Lafayette and beyond know his name and his music. Rodriguez, known as...

Alex Diaz 22 specializes in black and white digital photography. (Photo by Alex Diaz 22)

Student Artist Spotlight: Alex Diaz ’22 empowers queer students of color through art

By Bernadette Russo, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor February 25, 2022

For Alex Diaz '22, art is more than a hobby. It is a calling. Diaz originally entered Lafayette as a government and law major. All of that changed once they enrolled in a film and media studies class....

Through their art, Sadie Graeff 22 asks viewers to question what makes a person who they are. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22)

Student artist spotlight: Sadie Graeff ’22 explores facets of identity with art

By Madeline Marriott, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor December 3, 2021

Sadie Graeff ‘22 turned to art to carve out their spot at Lafayette. Their work is focused on the body and identity and covers themes such as mental illness and physical disability. According to Graeff,...

Corey Beck 22 leads Lafayettes Pep Band on and off the field. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22)

Student Artist Spotlight: Corey Beck ‘22 reflects on time with pep band before conducting at his final football game

By Isabella Gaglione, Contributing Writer November 19, 2021

It is hard for Corey Beck ‘22 to remember a time in his life without music. He grew up surrounded by musical instruments, learning piano when he was five and percussion in the fourth grade. And his...

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