The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Small Business Spotlight

The idea for Seth and Co. Coffee started as an online business.

Small Business Spotlight: Seth and Co. Coffee builds community for young adults with special needs

By Grace Hubler, Contributing Writer September 22, 2023

What started as a vision for Desiree McMullan to help her son, Seth, who has special needs, get real-world skills and work experience, has transformed into Seth and Co. Coffee, a cafe located in the Bank...

The Raven 96 was opened out of Raven Gabriels love for the restaurant industry.

Small Business Spotlight: The Raven 96 proves breakfast is most important meal of day

By Bernadette Russo, Culture Editor September 8, 2023

Every day at 6 a.m., Raven Gabriel opens the doors to her restaurant. Though opening isn’t until 11 a.m., she needs time to prepare with the cooks, brew coffee for the staff and set up for another day...

College Hill Café is located diagonal from College Hill Tavern at 501 Cattell Street. (Photo courtesy of Rose DeFranco)

Small Business Spotlight: College Hill Café revives old neighborhood favorite

By Isabella Gaglione, Culture Editor September 1, 2023

There is a new spot on College Hill serving up sandwiches, fresh coffee and nostalgia. College Hill Café, Forever Jake’s is a cozy restaurant with a simplistic modern look and a wide-ranging menu. “It's...

Casa 401 offers Colombian-made clothing, homeware, accessories and more.

Small Business Spotlight: Casa 401 brings Colombian-made sustainable goods to downtown Easton

By Elisabeth Seidel, Design Director September 1, 2023

Throughout her life, Andrea Rincon has been followed by three numbers: four, zero and one. She spent her childhood with her mother in Colombia in apartment 410, and when she moved from Colombia to Easton,...

Mia and Maddies offers desserts and flavors from around the world.

Small Business Spotlight: Mia and Maddie’s Bakery serves goodies with a doctor’s touch

By Kendal Davis, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

Looking for a sweet treat to get you through finals week? Look no further than Mia and Maddie's Bakery, a newly developed storefront to satisfy all of your dessert needs. The bakery, named affectionately...

Jenny DeLorenzo intends for Plants + Coffee to have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. (Photo courtesy of WFMZ)

Small Business Spotlight: Plants + Coffee sprouts in Easton

By Jessica Maurigi, Contributing Writer March 24, 2023

A new coffee shop in Easton has opened its doors, providing a unique atmosphere that combines the two elements of its namesake: plants and coffee.  Plants + Coffee, located at 1458 Northampton St....

Easton Candle Company is open downtown from Friday through Sunday.

Small Business Spotlight: Easton Candle Company curates clean, unique fragrances

By Bernadette Russo, Culture Editor February 3, 2023

Rachel Zander, owner and candlemaker of Easton Candle Company, lights up downtown with fragrant flames.  As a one-woman show, Zander is the brain, eyes and nose behind the uniquely scented, homemade...

The Easton Record Exchange emerged from its next-door neighbor, the pawn shop Easton Exchange.

Small Business Spotlight: Easton Record Exchange will satisfy your vintage desires

By Kendal Davis, Contributing Writer November 18, 2022

Jump out of 2022 and into the world of music history at the Easton Record Exchange. With shelves full of antiques, records, CDs and more, the store looks to scratch your itch for all things vintage. Located...

Pie+Tart is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day except Sunday and Monday. (Photo courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live)

Small Business Spotlight: Pie+Tart combines two women’s love for baking

By Bernadette Russo, Arts & Culture Editor November 4, 2022

Pie+Tart owners Lisa Yelagin and Anne Gerr’s story started four years ago when there was an empty space for rent in downtown Easton.  At the time, Yelagin owned a cafe selling savory pies at Common...

New owner Martin Ramirez with employee Brian Cortes. Ramirez took over as Tierra De Fuegos owner just last week. (Photo courtesy of Brian Cortes)

Small Business Spotlight: Tierra De Fuego brings modern, traditional Colombian cuisine to Easton

By Shirley Liu, Managing Editor September 23, 2022

Easton is better known for its crayons than its Colombian cuisine, but that won’t stop Tierra De Fuego from cooking up fresh Colombian flavors every day. Located on 612 Northampton St., Tierra De...

Sia Bassil has owned The Carmelcorn Shop in downtown Easton since 1996. (Photo courtesy of @thecarmelcornshop on Instagram)

Small Business Spotlight: The Carmelcorn Shop serves up sweet treats for Easton

By Kristen Vincent, Contributing Writer September 9, 2022

When Sia Bassil began working at the Carmelcorn Shop, she was 14 years old and needed the job to help pay for her high school tuition. Now in her 44th year at the shop, Bassil has tried to keep the original...

Vanessa Ungvarsky, owner of Taylor Made Polish, creates nail polishes that are not only stylish but also environmentally conscious. (Photo by Alexandra Whitney Daisy Willis For Lehigh Valley Style)

Small Business Spotlight: Taylor Made Polish fuses well-being and self-expression with customizable nail products

By Olivia Puzio, Contributing Writer April 15, 2022

When Vanessa Ungvarsky, founder of Taylor Made Polish, made the choice to adopt a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, she began by switching out many common household products that included toxic ingredients....

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