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Miss Jacksons Kitchen includes a lounge space, which the owner implied students could use for studying.

Don Juan’s owner to open Southern-style restaurant, replacing Trolley Stop

Trebor Maitin, Managing Editor September 2, 2022

On Sept. 12, a new Southern-style restaurant will tentatively be opening in the space once occupied by The Trolley Stop Diner, Lafayette College’s short-lived venture into the public-facing restaurant...

Ballots are due to the Northampton County Courthouse, located at 669 Washington Street, by 8 p.m. on May 7. (Photo courtesy WDIY)

Easton primary election guide

Trebor Maitin, Assistant News Editor April 29, 2022

Primary season is upon us, and for those registered with either of the major parties, this is your chance to decide who is on the ballot in November. This guide will be taking a look at what is on the...

The Confluence, which will include numerous amenities, is set to benefit the local economy and provide the government with real-estate and income tax revenue. (Photo courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live)

Easton’s new multi-purpose building to break ground by September

Brenna Girard and Emma Chen April 22, 2022

Earlier this month, the Easton Planning Commission granted final land development for The Confluence, a large mixed-use building that will be located at 185 S. 3rd St. Work on the development is set to...

Eastons train station fell into disrepair after the Lehigh Valley Railroad abandoned its last passenger trains in 1961. (Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress)

What happened to Easton’s train station?

Gilad Evans, Contributing Writer April 22, 2022

Buses and cars are generally thought to be the only forms of transportation available to Lafayette students in Easton. But for a good portion of the 20th century, another reliable manner of going to and...

Lafayette College Public Saftey determined the shooting was not a threat to the campus. (Photo courtesy of Lehigh Valley Live)

Shooting in Easton Centre Square leaves one injured, suspect at large

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor April 15, 2022

A 29-year-old man was shot in the area around Centre Square and S. 3rd Street of downtown Easton last Saturday around 2 a.m. The victim, who suffered non-life-threatening injuries, is refusing to cooperate...

Many students complained about the high pricing and lack of communication as it relates to housing. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

The price of private off-campus housing

Maya Nylund, Staff Writer February 25, 2022

The Lehigh Valley rental market is experiencing a steep hike in prices, mirroring a nationwide median rent increase of 17.8% in the past year. While local housing officials attribute this rise to heightening...

Because of street lights further up Cattell Street, it is not guaranteed that a street light will be constructed at the intersection near Wawa. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Waiting on the green light: Traffic light on Cattell Street possible, but faces obstacles

Onab Falak, Contributing Writer February 18, 2022

Many students are demanding a traffic light at the intersection at Cattell and High Street. The City of Easton is assessing certain streets in order to make them safer for students and pedestrians, and...

The owner of Mojo, Lambros Galanos explained the difficulties of owning a business during the pandemic but called for more restaurants on College Hill. (Photo by Caroline Burns 22 for The Lafayette)

Why are there so few restaurants on College Hill?

Benjamin Dupont, Contributing Writer February 18, 2022

There is a dearth of dining on College Hill, and students are feeling it. Some Lafayette students are frustrated about a lack of restaurants to choose from near and around campus. For Elias Groff ‘23,...

Dams along the Bushkill could be a cause of the silt build-up in the Creek. (Photo by Deanna Hanchuk 22 for The Lafayette)

Is there something in the water? Environmental report details ‘impairments’ of Bushkill Creek

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor February 11, 2022

Despite a recent report from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection claiming that much of Northampton County's stream water is "impaired," Easton's Bushkill Creek has been relatively spared. The...

Construction has begun in Centre Square, with the circle planned to grow in size by 20 feet. (Photo by Deanna Hanchuck 22 for The Lafayette)

Renovations begin in Easton Centre Square

Emma Chen, Assistant News Editor February 11, 2022

Construction has commenced in downtown Easton. Centre Square and the roads surrounding it are undergoing changes both structurally and aesthetically. Along with the circle getting expanded by 20 feet and...

Chelsea Morrese has worked at Landis most of her time at Lafayette and is excited to build stronger relationships with the Easton community partners. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

Chelsea Morrese steps into role of Landis Director

Emma Chen, Assistant News Editor January 28, 2022

After working at the Landis Center for the past five years, Chelsea Morrese has become the new Director of the Landis Center after Civil Engineering Professor Arthur Kney stepped down. Kney has worked...

Numerous Lafayette alumni, including the founder of the college and several past presidents, are buried in the Easton Cemetery. (Photo by Pierson White 24)

Historic Easton Cemetery staff call for partnership with Lafayette due to financial burdens

Nathan Kornfeind, News Editor December 3, 2021

Located just across the Bushkill Creek for nearly two centuries, the Historic Easton Cemetery’s future is uncertain. The staff is facing financial difficulties resulting from changing burial practices...

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