Paper Playlist: Chicken tender


Chicken tender

This playlist is specifically an ode to chicken tenders, kind of. While nothing can top our love for late-night Lower’s infamous tendies, these songs just might put you in the mood to take your favorite Lower order into the crisp air this fall. With the warm acoustic sounds and sweet lyrics, the songs we chose this week are, well, tender.

Emma: This week, my pick is Josh Ritter’s “Good Man.” Ritter’s lyrics effortlessly weave with his folksy melody – a synthesis that attests to his deft songwriting. This song reminds me of the fall, with his quick drums and warm vocals. As Ritter offers, “Babe, we’ve both had dry spells/Hard times in bad lands/I’m a good man for you/I’m a good man,” his song reads as honest and endearing. If you snuggle up with a blanket on a chilly November evening and play this song, you’ll definitely get those tender feels.

Shelby: This week my pick is “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John. Whenever I hear this song I feel a wave of nostalgia. Growing up, I often heard this song frequently played by my dad, and I always loved it. I’ve never thought too deeply into the song’s lyrical meaning but it proves to be impactful and timeless. Elton John’s simple yet beautiful melodies make it a perfect sing-along song for a lovely fall day.

Featuring Marcy Laufer: I’m choosing “All I Really Want to Do” by Bob Dylan. I chose this song because Dylan’s tender lyrics are applicable in so many walks of life. His imperfect voice lends itself to the acoustic guitar and creates a genuine song. One could only dream of being serenaded with this tune. Dylan’s voice is far from perfect, so it’s interesting to listen to and is really fun to sing along to. So next time you’re in the car, belt out this song with Dylan for a good time.

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