Letter from the Editor


Dear Lafayette Community:

After two years as news editor, I am humbled and proud to step into the role of Editor-in-Chief this year at The Lafayette. While we said goodbye to four seniors last May, our staff is eager to return to provide an informative platform for all on this campus to share their voices, opinions, ideas and questions.

Last year our staff worked hard to cover important, relevant issues including sexual assault policies and procedures, the ongoing college expansion and McCartney Street Dorm Project, equality and inclusion efforts, the surrounding Easton community and changing sports teams. As the college continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to staying on top of how those changes affect the students, faculty, staff and the surrounding Easton neighborhood, and I am confident in our reporters’, editors’, designers’ and photographers’ abilities to do so.

This year, our goal is to continue to report with integrity and, when needed, to serve as a platform for constructive change. As the campus community continues to be more assertive about issues and policies on campus, we encourage them to utilize The Lafayette as a resource as we will continue to reciprocate with all suggestions, recommendations and story ideas. As always, we will strive to provide timely, relevant and accurate information to the Lafayette community and those beyond.


Claire Grunewald