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Jeff Acopian ’75 creates the RolleyPulley, a new ‘3-dimensional’ game
The RolleyPulley is a tug of war style game that consists of two ParaRollers and an eight foot pole. (Photo courtesy of

While Jeff Acopian ’75 has focused on technology in the decades following his graduation from Lafayette, his newest invention takes a slightly different direction, in the form of an interactive game called the RolleyPulley.

Being physically active has been an important part of Acopian’s life, especially during his time living in Japan where he practiced martial arts. 

“So this is kind of…a combination of all the things I’ve done in my whole life,” he said. 

Although Acopian has a history with martial arts and physical health, he said that the RolleyPulley does not require players to have prior exercise-related experience in order to enjoy it.

The RolleyPulley, described on its website as “a 2-directional, 3-dimensional Tug of War!”, has been in the works for almost a year.

The game consists of two ParaRollers, rolling cylinders players stand on, and one RolleyPulley pole (eight feet long). An alternative to the pole is a bamboo pole of any length from eight to nine feet. Although it is the best option, the bamboo can easily have cracks and does not make for good sells, according to the website.

To play the RolleyPulley, two players face each other while standing on their own ParaRoller and holding their end of an eight foot pole. The object is to get your opponent to touch the ground with their feet before you do.

The website includes three basic rules for play: 1) the first person to touch the floor loses the round, 2) if you move the position of your hands, one point is awarded to your opponent, and a new round must begin, 3) if you step from your ParaRoller onto your opponent’s empty ParaRoller with both feet, you score a half point.

Acopian graduated Lafayette with a degree in electrical engineering and has created technologies such as power supplies, rectifiers, power systems and Acopian Birdsavers. He is also the head of Acopian Power Your Way, a company that produces power supplies based in the Lehigh Valley.

Alex Karapetian ‘04, a Lafayette alumni and the director of sales and marketing at the Acopian Power Your Way who works closely with Acopian, said that the RolleyPulley is unlike any other sport. 

“The cool thing about RolleyPulley is that you don’t have to be on a team, you don’t have to try out, you don’t have to know [a] certain level to play. It’s just fun,” he said. In addition to the game providing a way for “fun,” it also provides “exercise.”

“Playing RolleyPulley on a ParaRoller encourages core strength and overall body mobility,” according to the website.

The ParaRollers are sold separately for $75. Every roller is 100 percent waterproof and is handcrafted and made with a diverse group of colors by Acopian. Some colors include Aqua Color, Butterfly Color and Flamingo Color.

Acopian said he hopes the RolleyPulley becomes a well-known game that children and adults alike can participate in.

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