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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Off the eaten path: a family weekend restaurant guide

Easton offers several great restaurants within walking distance of the college. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Marin ’22)

If you are in town for the family weekend and wondering where to grab a bite to eat, look no further. Here are five quality and different options, some of which may not be the first to come up on Yelp, that will take you a little off the beaten path:

Las Terrenas ($)

Las Terrenas is truly a hidden gem in Easton. Set in the historic West Ward, you will not find better Dominican food unless you actually visit the town of Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. This restaurant will dazzle you in every way, from the friendly staff to the mouth-watering mofongo. If you are looking for somewhere with delicious food that is relatively unknown among Lafayette students, this is the ideal candidate. 

Mister Lee’s Noodles ($$)

Located a brief jaunt away from the foot of the stairs inside the Easton Public Market on Northampton Street, Mister Lee’s Noodles features the tastiest ramen around. Swarmed with patrons every lunch and dinner, this fine joint combines traditional Japanese with local, fresh ingredients to deliver a truly special experience every single time. Sit along the bar and watch the team of chefs prepare your fried chicken ramen replete with chicken and veggie dashi, togarashi dusted chicken, pickled jalapeños, sriracha aioli and a 60-minute egg to top it off. You will indubitably leave full and satisfied, at which point you can experience the rest of the Easton Public Market, a delightful establishment featuring many other cuisines and dessert options. To avoid the rush, arrive immediately before or after the busy times (lunch rush is 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., dinner rush is 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.). 

College Hill Tavern ($$)

Walk five minutes from Farinon and you will arrive at the famous College Hill Tavern. As one of the few eateries featured up on College Hill, you will find everything you need here in terms of casual dining or an after-dinner pint. This is the optimum location to wile away an hour while your son or daughter studies for their chemistry exam between the football game and supper. After dinner, the tavern typically fills with locals and you will enjoy a welcoming atmosphere of warmth and good smells. 

Maxim’s 22 ($$$)

Didn’t get a reservation at Oak months in advance? Look no further than Maxim’s 22 for a fine dining experience for the whole family. French cuisine meets local and chic in this tasteful restaurant owned and operated by the same people as the equally stellar Sette Luna down the road. Located across the street from the Easton Public Market, this sublime setting welcomes guests into its doors with gusto and aplomb, differentiating it from similar institutions with its plethora of specials. You can’t go wrong with Maxim’s 22, Bistro and Brasserie. 

Porter’s Pub ($$)

If you came to Easton encumbered by a predisposition for the traditional Irish pub experience, prepare yourself for excellence. Porter’s Pub, with a long and fabled history since its opening in 1990, provides pub-goers with a cozy space to “eat, drink, and be merry.” Easily walkable or drivable, Porter’s is the perfect place to get off campus and unwind for a little while. Make sure to check their schedule online before you visit, for live music is in abundance and compliments the traditional bar experience masterfully. 

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