Broadway without the Bucks

The typical weekend of a Lafayette student can range from a night out at Campus Pizza, a night in with friends, or hunkering down to study for that test your professor just reminded you about before the weekend began. But if the nightlife of New York City is more your style, you can spend your time off from class catching an off-Broadway show for just $20.The Off Broadway Alliance has complied its resources to offer 40 shows for a discount price. The titles range from “Macbeth” and “Perfect Crime” to more risqué shows such as “50 Shades! The Musical” and “Money Grubbing Whores.” Whatever interests you, you’ll be sure to find a performance that fits your tastes.

It’s very simple to get to New York from Lafayette. The LCAT Shuttle stops at the Easton Bus Station throughout the week, and you can catch the Special Shuttle at Watson Courts, which drops you off at Snyder Parking Lot every 15 minutes, and walk to the station. The Easton Bus Station offers round trip tickets through Greyhound, Transbridge Lines, and Susquehanna Trailways, with bus ticket prices ranging from forty to fifty dollars.

The deal being offered, called 20at20, is pretty easy to navigate. Twenty minutes before show time, come to the theater of your show’s pick, and mention to the 20at20 special. Since this is a deal, and these are regularly scheduled shows, tickets may not always be available, and it is recommended that you have the cash on you, because theater policies differ on payment. If the show you wanted to see is not available, most of the theaters are in walking distance from each other, and a few theaters offer more than one 20at20 shows. This deal lasts only 20 days, ending on Sunday, September 28.To find out more details, you can go to Or, you can like 20at20’s Facebook at and follow it on Twitter at @20at20.