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The Lafayette Style Watch: The Leather Jacket

Tossing a leather jacket on with any outfit instantly upgrades your look from casual to cool. With its popularity peaking during World War II, the jacket, which was cherished for their insulated warmth, was seen on aviators and military members. It was here they earned the nickname “bomber jackets,” which is sometimes still used. In 1928, bombers evolved into motorcycle jackets. The first was sold in New York City’s Harley Davidson store for a whopping $5.50. From there, the leather jacket hit Hollywood with a splash and was seen on major stars like Marlon Brandon, Steve McQueen, James Dean and the Fonz, inspiring iconic looks that fashion designers still use today. Now there are a variety of colors, embellishments and shapes, with at least one style guaranteed to please everyone.

Each week Lafayette Style columnist, Aleni Mackarey peruses the campus to find Leopard’s rocking unique and individual trends. Today’s installment features Addy Metah sporting his leather jacket. Let’s take a look.

Addy Metah ‘18

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16
Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16

What is your class year and major?

Class of 2018; chemical engineering intended.

Where is your look from?

Shoes from Lacoste, Pants from Dockers, Sweater from Ralph Lauren and Leather Jacket from Jeans by Buffalo.

What inspired your look for today?

I come from a family which has been closely associated with the armed forces, and one of the key attributes of this association is the passion for all movies related to the forces. Therefore, I grew up watching lots of such movies and one of them was the 80s hit “Top Gun” where Tom Cruise revolutionized the bomber jacket. With winter around the corner, I could finally take out my leather jacket and try out his look.

Whenever you don this leather jacket, do you take on a new persona?

Definitely. I feel that I step into a bolder more rugged persona with the jacket.

How do you find a good outfit to match a leather jacket?
I think the way to make the most out of the jacket is to keep it as simple as possible. A simple white t-shirt and a pair of dark jeans is perfect.

What is your favorite fashion trick/trip?

I think a good jacket goes a long way, you could wear anything under it but in the end it’s the jacket that will stand out. Along with that a good pair of jeans goes a long way too.

Who is a fashion icon of yours? And why?

My fashion icon would be Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Spector in the TV show “Suits.”

What are your favorite stores?

Abercrombie and Fitch, Timberland, Nike, J-Crew, Ralph Lauren, GAP.

What is your favorite thing in your closet and why?

My suit. I had it for my high school graduation and it is a very precious piece of clothing for me.

What colors do you usually reach for?

I love navy blue because it comes out really well on me. Other than that I prefer grayscale colors.

What is the story behind this leather jacket?

My dad got it for me, as sort of a coming-of-age thing. I grew up in Singapore which has a tropical climate, therefore I couldn’t wear any warm clothes. Coming to Lafayette was the perfect time to have one, because I was an adult now and it would really help me in the winters.

How do you know when you have found the perfect leather jacket?

I think a leather jacket with the perfect rugged color tone and minimalist design would perhaps be the best one.

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