Photo essay: Scenes from a quiet fall on campus


Lawn furniture has been added to the quad to facilitate outdoor dining. (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)

With just over 700 students on campus this semester, Lafayette has seen far less traffic than any recent semester. A pandemic cannot stop the leaves from turning, however.

Outdoor dining tents set up for students (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
The sun sets on College Hill. (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
An empty Farinon College Center (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
A reflection of the quad on David Bishop Skillman Library (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
Masks are required in all campus buildings. (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
Litter outside of a campus-owned house (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
The quad (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)
The parking deck behind Markle Hall, empty (Photo by BoWen Hou ’21)