Interim Diaries

Interim Diaries

Graphic  by Caroline Nawrocki ‘18


After six long weeks of winter break, students returned to campus this week. The relaxing atmosphere of break will certainly be missed as work quickly begins to pile up. Lafayette’s students spent their time away from campus traveling, reuniting with family and friends, and watching hours of Netflix. Here’s how some students spent their break.

“I studied for the LSAT and played with my dog.” –Abby Schwarz ‘16


“I led an ASB trip to Boston. We worked in a kitchen preparing meals for homebound clients with chronic illnesses.” –Barbara Olivier ‘16


“I came back early for track. It was great being on campus with the team and no academics. Interim forever.” –Tessa Broholm‘17


“I relaxed with family and then went to Florida.” –Corbin Jacobs ‘17


“I went to Peru for a week to volunteer in mobile health clinics, then went to Manchu Picchu and hiked up Wayna Picchu.” –Kayla Birde‘17


“I had an externship through Career Services for a few days at pharmaceutical company in the Washington D.C. Area.” –Brittany Lee ‘17


“I spent half of my break at home in New Jerseyand the other half of my break here at school working in the gym. In short, it was chill.” –Chris Saint-Germain ‘15


“Break was spent mostly spending time with my family and friends and catching up on America television I missed while abroad.” –Greg Ly ‘16


“I stayed home with my family and friends, then went skiing in Vail for a long weekend.” –Mike Bredahl ‘17