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Small Business Spotlight: Fox Bakery brings European treats to Easton

Photo by Emma Sylvester for The Lafayette
Fox Bakery’s shelves include many European treats, such as Russian honey cake.

Third Street just got a whole lot sweeter with the opening of a new bakery in September. Fox Bakery is owned and operated by husband and wife Denis and Olga Lissov, who named the establishment after the English translation of their Russian last name.

The bakery specializes in European desserts, its shelves lined with traditional items like airy pavlovas, mini tarts and thick slices of Russian honey cake, as well as more contemporary treats like cake pops and cakesicles.

Fox Bakery’s macarons, which come in a wide assortment of vibrant colors and flavors, are one of its best-selling items. Although macarons are available at many Easton businesses, Denis Lissov insists that Fox Bakery’s are some of the best as a result of his wife’s signature secret recipe.

“Everybody cooks them, but she does it her own way,” Denis Lissov said. “[It’s] a certain secret … nobody knows about it, even I don’t know.”

Olga Lissov, a formally trained pastry chef, bakes everything herself, working every day of the week — even on the days that the bakery is closed. While she manages the baking and the technical aspects of the business, her husband supports her by doing what he refers to as “the side work,” which includes ingredient sourcing and customer service.

“[My wife] runs the business,” Denis Lissov said. “She does all of it.”

Fox Bakery first began in the Lissovs’ home, with Olga Lissov preparing and baking all of the items in their small kitchen and primarily selling to friends and family. As Olga Lissov began experimenting with the bakery’s Facebook and Instagram presence, the business grew larger, driven by what Denis Lissov referred to as “the power of the word.”

The bakery’s Instagram, which Olga Lissov manages, has amassed over 74,000 followers since its first post in 2016.

Over time, it became clear that the demand for Olga Lissov’s creations was growing and that the couple would need more than just a home kitchen to keep up.

“We were just stuck in a small space and we used to have a small oven,” Denis Lissov said. “It wasn’t enough for more people. It was just, I don’t know, a miracle when I was passing by and I saw the sign that [Cake & Corolla was] moving out. We just decided to make a shot.”

Cake & Corolla, another local Easton bakery, left the Third Street location for another space deeper downtown over the summer. 

“Cake & Corolla moving off of that street was a good move for them but it left a hole for the five other businesses in that string,” Kim Kmetz, manager of the Easton Main Street Initiative, said. “I’m glad that the space worked out for Fox Bakery.”

Kmetz, whose job allows her to become well-acquainted with Easton’s business community, emphasized that Fox Bakery has been a welcome addition.

“In the Main Street district, we have eight bakeries,” Kmetz said. “But when I look at them, they all do something a little bit different and they all are known for a different style or different specialties.”

“The products that they have at Fox Bakery … they’re quite elaborate and beautiful, they almost don’t look real,” Kmetz continued.

Together, Olga and Denis Lissov hope to continue growing their business.

“We just pushed each other to this place,” Denis Lissov said. “We believe in whatever we’re doing and we believe we’ll make it.” 

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