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Cheese club? You better brie-lieve it!

Cheese Club features a “Cheese of the Day” on its Instagram account every Monday and Wednesday. (Graphic by Elisabeth Seidel ’26 for The Lafayette)

A muenster of a new club just dropped: the Cheese Club. 

Although the club has yet to be officially recognized, its board is already making efforts to get members of the community involved with the club. 

Cheese Club’s founder and president Gabriela Cristobal ‘26 said that cheese is a topic that provides an interesting way to connect with others.

“I’m from the Midwest,” Cristobal said. “Cheese, it’s a big thing there.”

The club’s leadership, which refers to itself as the “Charcuterie Board,” consists of vice president Alex Ingraham ‘27, secretary Hannah Byrnes ‘26, treasurer Christian Muisener ‘27 and social media manager Benjamin White ‘27. 

The club has an active GroupMe, as well as an Instagram account that has posts dedicated to the “Cheese of the Day.” These posts occur each Monday and Wednesday. The Monday feature is chosen by the club’s board and the Wednesday feature is voted on by club members in the GroupMe. 

Each post features an array of fun facts about each spotlighted cheese, leaving no Swiss-esque holes in any follower’s cheese knowledge.

“Since becoming a social media manager I’m in control of the Instagram so all the ‘Cheeses of the Day,’ that’s been me,” White said. “Monday I’ll come up with one of my own that’s lesser known because I figured no one in the GroupMe is gonna suggest that as an option, then I’ll say ‘Alright, what do you guys want for Wednesday?’ and whatever wins I choose, and I’ll try and make some kind of edit off of that.”

According to Ingraham, the club’s online presence has only been growing, the love of cheese spreading around campus like cream cheese on an everything bagel. 

“It’s been actually so nice to see the GroupMe just totally, I want to say, skyrocket,” Ingraham said. “What was 20 or 30 [members] a couple of months ago to now being 88.” 

Cristobal, White and Ingraham are all excited to start holding actual meetings for Cheese Club. The group hopes that the club can get creative with how they talk about and appreciate cheese. 

“Having events with cheese in them, it’s just such a good way to share a bond between people,” Ingraham said. “If you look at any other cheese club at any other school, you will see their events are just stellar. They just have so many people bonding over cheese. People really go crazy over it.”

Cristobal looks forward to holding many cheesy events in the club’s future.

“We’re in talks with the Arts Society about possibly doing some sort of art event centered around cheese,” Cristobal said. “One of the ideas that I had was felt hats of cheese.”

“If we can get it to the point where we can take trips to New York or outside and go to places that are known for their cheese-based dishes or just cheese-making in general that would be really cool,” she continued. “I would love to do that.” 

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