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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Love Letters from Ana: A psychic reading


I’m no stranger to psychic readings. In fact, there’s probably a psychic on every dodgy corner in Manhattan and I’ve admittedly indulged in a few after-dinner-semi-tipsy group readings myself. So as a self-titled love anthropologist, I decided to get a psychic reading this past Thursday, Feb 10, and ask her about my love life and particularly Valentine’s Day.

I’d like to say that my skepticism about going to psychics solely for entertainment value was shattered in this experience, but it wasn’t. I didn’t suddenly become a convert to cosmic readings, but I will say that some of the things the psychic said made me think a bit.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: she told me nothing about Valentine’s Day, so it’s safe to assume it won’t be an eventful day for Ana. She did say something about the number “five” being important—you know, timewise—and that maybe the month of May or the 5th of something being important. I gotta make a note of that…

The first thing of substance she told me was that I need to loosen up and live in the moment. Okay, fair play Ms. Physic. I can be a bit neurotic, but I always assumed it was in an endearing Annie Hall kind of way. Since I truly believe that psychics are more therapeutic than fortune taellers, I took this statement as pretty good advice. We’re young and have all the time in the world to worry about the future.

This also got me thinking about Valentine’s Day. And while, yes, I would love to have someone tell me they’d lasso the moon for me, this is also one of the only times where none of us have to be that serious. So, why then get caught up in the whole type-casted holiday that is V-Day? I say, do whatever the hell you want on this day. It’s just like any other day and if that means being romantic with the person you’re involved with, that’s great, too. We all just gotta chill out about this holiday.

The second thing she told me was that she kept hearing the “Frozen” song, “Let It Go.” I mean how could it not be stuck in her head? It was the most overplayed song of 2014. She said I needed to let go of my past—again general advice. Pasts: We all have them, but they should be left where they are. There’s no need to carry the bad karma from your last relationship to the one you’re currently in, or the Valentine’s Day Disaster of 2010 to tomorrow.

The third thing she told me was that I was going to meet someone special through a “sister.” I’m an only child, but if we expand this metaphor a bit, it kind of makes sense. I’m in a sorority where I have sisters. My sisters are my friends. Basically, use your friends to branch out and meet people you’d never think to look twice at. You never know the connections you’ll make.

And so, I’ll leave with this: tomorrow, my funny Valentine, whoever you are, loosen up, have fun, let the past go, look forward to the future and remember something about the number five.

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