The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Meet the Editors

What did you miss the most while being away from Lafayette this summer?

Editor-in-Chief: Lucie Lagodich

Living on Monroe Street, I missed that sense of community that I didn’t have this past summer or during the pandemic. The ability to ask your neighbors if they have powdered sugar and watch them grab a megaphone and blast it to the entire block is nothing short of amazing. (And yes, it worked).






Managing Editor: Katie Frost

This summer, I really missed breakfast sandwich Mondays at Marquis! It really has been a while. “Everything on a muffin, please!”





Managing Editor: Deanna Hanchuk

I missed sitting next to Hayden in the newsroom.





Design Director: Hayden Fisher

I missed sitting next to Deanna in the newsroom.







News Editor: Nathan Kornfeind

Although I had the opportunity to walk around the College this summer, I missed seeing the campus grounds filled with students and staff. It was great to come back this past weekend, go to class, and see familiar faces after way too many hours spent on Zoom.




Assistant News Editor: Emma Chen

Over the summer, I missed everything about Lafayette that makes it Lafayette. From my classes with incredible professors to the enriching extracurriculars (go The Lafayette!) to the amazing friends I have made along the way, not being here for over two months was difficult. I cannot wait to begin an even better semester than last, full of new connections, new activities, and new passions.






Arts & Culture Editor: Shirley Liu

Shirley taking a picture with a phone. I missed being able to use my meal swipes for everything! The Trolley Stop doesn’t taste nearly as good when you have to pay for it. Now that the semester has started, I already know I’m going to run out of Pard Dollars by mid-September; I just haven’t figured out how I’ll be wasting them yet.






Assistant Arts and Culture Editor: Maddie Marriott

This summer, I missed living next door to my friends, running into my favorite people all across campus, Marquis breakfast potatoes and being within walking distance of Wawa. I can’t wait to get to know this place that I love even better!





Assistant Arts and Culture Editor: Bernadette Russo 

This summer I missed all of the trees at Lafayette! There is nothing quite like walking through campus and being surrounded by green. It is all so beautiful and makes campus feel so homey.






Sports Editor: Caroline McParland

This summer I really missed spending all of my money at Wawa. Living at home on Long Island where we don’t have that chain, I was lacking the feeling of solidarity that happens between Lafayette students filling up giant cups of free water with crunchy ice. When I moved in for First Year Orientation training, I immediately headed over for a celebratory milkshake and mac and cheese.






Sports Editor: Craig Barbaro

Over the summer I missed getting made fun of for only using my Instagram to promote Drake’s music. While my friends made sure to text me about my stories of his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, there’s something about people trying to tell me he’s not the greatest rapper of all time to my face that I missed. Fortunately, Drake did not drop his album over the summer as originally planned so I will have ample time to post stories and listen to people try and convince me he is not the songbird of this generation.




Photo Editor: Caroline Burns

The Upper booth! I love sitting there with my friends and watching people come in and out. Also upper food is so underrated.

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